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The Chief I/O Team
The Chief I/O
The Chief I/O Team - Editorial

The team behind this website. We help IT leaders, decision-makers and IT professionals understand topics like Distributed Computing, AIOps & Cloud Native

Asad Faizi
Asad Faizi - CEO

Founder and CEO of Cloudplex - We make Kubernetes easy for developers.

Debricked AB
Debricked AB - Open Source Security

Debricked is a Swedish tech start-up on a journey to secure open source, one dependency at a time.

Blameless SRE
Blameless SRE - SRE

Blameless is the industry's first end-to-end SRE platform, empowering teams to optimize the reliability of their systems without sacrificing innovation velocity.

Pradeep K
Pradeep K - CEO

TotalCloud is a platform that is evolving the way the cloud is managed, by componentizing it. Achieve any cloud management solution or use case - across cloud cost, security, operational efficiency & complex custom solutions, with no-code automation. Our intuitive workflow-based platform save 99% of your CloudOps time.

Lindsey Rogerson
Lindsey Rogerson - Technical Writing

MetricFire provides a complete infrastructure and application monitoring platform from a suite of open source monitoring tools. Depending on your setup, choose Hosted Prometheus or Graphite and view your metrics on beautiful Grafana dashboards in real-time.

Priyanka Kumari
Priyanka Kumari - Marketing

Xellentro is an emerging global provider of project, program and portfolio management consulting and training services. Established in 2012, with Headquarters in Bangalore, India, Xellentro works closely with its clients in tackling their most difficult organizational development challenges. Xellentro is a specialist organization that works with its clients to identify improvement areas and uses experienced consultants to enhance their business and development processes.

Vijay Kumar A B
Vijay Kumar A B - IBM Distinguished Engineer

AB Vijay is a IBM Distinguished Engineer & CTO for CAS Manage & Application Innovation Lab. He is a IBM Master Inventor, who has more than 58 patents filed in his name. He has more than 22 years experience in IBM. He is a recognized as subject matter expert for his contribution to advanced mobility in automotive, and has led several implementation involving complex industry solutions. He specializes in mobile, cloud, containers, automotive, sensor-based machine-to-machine, Internet of Things, an

Tamas Torok
Coding Sans
Tamas Torok - Head of Marketing

Tamas Torok is a marketer, helping tech companies to grow. He currently leads the marketing operations at Coding Sans and focuses on crafting high-quality, research-based content for engineering leaders.

Yuval Oren
Yuval Oren - CEO, DevOps Consultant

Hi, I’m Yuval, a DevOps and DevSecOps consultant working to help development teams become more productive.

Kentaro Wakayama
Coder Society
Kentaro Wakayama - Founder

With his in-depth knowledge of software development and cloud technologies, Kentaro often takes on the lead engineer's role. His analytical, organized, and people-oriented nature makes him an apt advisor on software projects and flexible staffing.

Luca Galante
Luca Galante - DevOps Doc

Humanitec builds your Internal Developer Platform. You create and deploy your best software, while leveraging full DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

Yue Ting Low
Yue Ting Low - Digital Marketing

Scaleway's true mission is to bring you a cloud that makes sense. We offer the right combination of compute power and storage that is flexible, cost effective, reliable, secure and sustainably powered.