Google Introduces Online Training Program to Improve Cloud Skills

Google addresses existing cloud personnel deficiency with training programs.


Google Inc., on October 7, 2021, launched an online training program in a bid to grow the cloud workforce to augment the rapidly-increasing demand.

Key Facts
  1. 1

    The initiative certifies candidates in skills revolving around machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud architecture, application development, data analytics, and cloud security.

  2. 2

    As an incentive, Google Cloud will equip candidates with access to complementary tools and certification resources.

  3. 3

    The training contents include lessons from a fundamental level.

  4. 4

    Google Cloud Skills Boost has an early bird program to encourage early enrollments.

  5. 5

    In light of the new initiative, Google is launching a free cloud learning event.


The Google Cloud Skills Boost launch will see to the improvement in the skills of aspiring cloud personnel and existing practitioners, administering the skills to build and maintain large-scale cloud deployments.

Improvements, enhancements, innovation, educational initiatives - common sense would suggest that this is how the digital community moves the world from a ravaging pandemic that impeded social gathering and forced even the most traditional of businesses to go digital. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is not an excuse for evolution; it was instead a catalyst - a nerving catalyst that has caused a spate in the adoption of cloud practices, causing it to weigh quite well over the numbers of cloud personnel.

A survey by A Cloud Guru testified that over 90% of leading IT roles anticipate a significant expansion of cloud services, but 80% are wary of a lack of cloud skills impeding the professed growth.

Trying to make up for the low workforce, less-skilled practitioners have been deployed in the most critical areas, leading to misconfigurations and incentives for threat actors to exploit. Google has made strides to patch these holes with the aforementioned interventions.

As a part of the program, candidates will leverage access to over 700 hands-on labs, courses relevant to their roles, earn skill badges, certification resources, including 16 new introductory skills inspired by in-demand knowledge. The new initiative certifies candidates in skills sprung from machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud architecture, application development, data analytics, and cloud security.

The training features a lot of beginner drills as well. "How Google Does Machine Learning", "Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine", and "Preparing for the Professional Cloud Architect Certification Exam" are some of the courses in this category.

Further inclusions are in the queue in terms of language support, but Skill Boost supports only English and Japanese for now.

The early bird package sees candidates that register before November 6 receive their first month (enough time to acquire a Google cloud certification) of content for free. This is another one of Google's incentives to encourage enrollment.

In light of Skills Boost, Google is also inviting developers, data practitioners, and IT practitioners to hear from Google Cloud executives, customers, and industry experts at the free learning event due to take place on Dec. 8 and 9.

Learning DevOps, Cloud Native and Cloud Computing technologies like GCP will also provide special opportunities to earn even more skill badges, participate in more hands-on challenges, and gain access to more learning resources. The seminar will cover everything from the basics of Google Cloud to more advanced Google Cloud certification preparation.

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