Many Talking Points in the Wake of Microsoft Build 2021

The annual digital conference ticked many boxes in a busy week for Windows and Azure developers.


Microsoft’s annual conference, held digitally, in the dying embers of May 2021. It was full of motivational and empowering news for developers that walked the paths of Windows and Azure. The talking points revolved mostly around tool innovations and advancements from .NET to Visual Studio.

A high number of businesses are sticking to the adjusted paradigm they had to abide by at the stay-at-home period.
A high number of businesses are sticking to the adjusted paradigm they had to abide by at the stay-at-home period.
Key Facts
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    Build featured an announcement of the general availability of an updated Visual Studio 2019.

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    Virtual conference and meeting software, Microsoft Teams, was enlisted amongst innovative announcements.

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    SecOps can now prompt clients through GitHub channels.

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    The event also highlighted the availability of new capabilities to run on Kubernetes with Azure Arc as the main platform.


May 25 to May 27, 2021, proved to be eventful days for DevOps, SecOps, software engineers, web engineers, and cloud engineers associated with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Windows. It’s that time of the year again when many gathered, and Microsoft had some time to announce big news and major innovations. It was the Professional Developers’ Conference (PDC) until 2011, when it became Microsoft Build. The conference is often held in a convention center, not this years' anyway. Many registered and attended the virtual conference. The thought of making the conference and a lot of other things, if not the whole world digital, has been around for a long time, but everything was forced into sixth gear by the coronavirus pandemic. One of the few silver linings that humanity can point to after the virus peaked in the tech world and enforced digitalization. This conference saved a lot of money and time; convening at a particular conference center must have been bothersome for operatives that are based in countries, even continents away, due to Microsoft’s global outreach.

A high number of businesses are sticking to the adjusted paradigm they had to abide by at the stay-at-home period. This escalates the pressure on DevOps, though they are already spread thin to deliver under pressure. Increased digital population means enhancing the servers, more reviews and feedback to fix, more upgrades to tend to. In  2021 alone, there has been much news from Red Hat, AWS, and Microsoft itself. Microsoft has addressed an arguably record number of problems in their most recent conference, Microsoft builds - .NET framework news on.NET6, more functionality added to the Visual Studio 2019, an entirely new version, etc.

High on the list was the November 2020 release of the .NET, NET6. .NET 6 Preview 4  underlines many bug fixes and API enhancements and improved date and time with new structs. We cannot overlook the significant enhancements related to Microsoft Extensions Logging.

Developers can embrace remoteness with Visual Studio, GitHub, and Azure from cloud-enabled locations. This equipment has undeniable compatibility that ensures security despite not maintaining a specific location.

SecOps relished the part about the integration of Azure Security Center and GitHub. This eases container scanning, allowing operatives to notify clients almost immediately.

Another one on the list of the preview capabilities – Azure Arc as a platform embodying Azure App Service, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Event Grid, and other Azure Application services to run on Kubernetes. This also extends to other clouds such as Google and AWS.

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