OpenNebula and its Kubernetes Appliance for KVM Join CNCF


In an effort to merge the benefits of container technologies and its open-source Cloud Management Platform, OpenNebula has recently joined hands with CNCF. The official statement by OpenNebula has confirmed that they are now a Silver member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. The foundation will assist them in their effort to provide tooling and facilities around Kubernetes deployment and management, not just on-premise but also in hybrid clouds.

OpenNebula has also integrated with Firecracker to further ease this dilemma
OpenNebula has also integrated with Firecracker to further ease this dilemma
Key Facts
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    OpenNebula is an open-source platform used by businesses and enterprises to build and manage Enterprise Clouds. This simple and powerful technology operates by combining virtualization and container technologies.

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    The key features that make this combination capable are elasticity in offering on-demand services, automatic provisions, and multi-tenancy for the same.

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    With Cloud Native Computing Foundation in the picture, OpenNebula aims to solve the traditional dilemma of whether businesses should use Virtual Machines (heavy load but better security) or containers (lighter load but weaker security).

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    OpenNebula has also integrated with Firecracker to further ease this dilemma. Firecracker is a virtualization technology developed by Amazon Web Services that helps solve the choice between Virtual Machines and containers.

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    The reason why OpenNebula reduced operational costs, resource consumption, and complexity is the fact that it does not add extra layers of orchestration in your Kubernetes clusters.


OpenNebula maintains its Kubernetes Virtual Appliance such as KVM appliance. OpenNebula Kubernetes Virtual Appliance for KVM has also passed all the tests to be included in the CNCF Landscape as a Certified Kubernetes installer.

This publicly available feature for KVM hosts is enabling both the DevOps and development teams of enterprises to take care of their growing demands easily without increasing their dependency on third-party vendors.

Recently, Cloud Native Computing Foundation also accepted Kyverno (a policy engine that validates and mutates configurations using background scans for Kubernetes) as their most recent sandbox project. In October 2020, Cloud Native Computing Foundation has also accepted other open-source projects such as Rook. A tool that provides feature maturity, sustainability, inclusivity, and open governance

We are delighted to welcome OpenNebula to CNCF as a new Silver Member, and look forward to their contributions towards enabling better support for Kubernetes deployments at the edge.
Priyanka Sharma
General Manager of CNCF

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