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Scaleway, pioneer of the Multi-cloud Load Balancer

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    In a context of hyper-scalabity, where your production applications must always be available, robust and highly evolutive, Load Balancers have become essential tools for ensuring your applications run smoothly.

    Since the launch of our Load Balancer in May 2019, we have been taking your feedback into account and integrated your evolving needs into our roadmap. You have shared needs for more complex use cases, increased traffic loads, and hybrid, multi-datacenter infrastructure designs across a global perimeter.

    We are proud to further assist you by offering a range of Load Balancers adapted to your new challenges!

    New References and Worlds’ unique Multicloud Load Balancer

    Our Multicloud offer is unique on the market! We are the only ones to offer you a fully managed Load Balancer with unlimited requests, an unlimited number of backends, guaranteed bandwidth and the opening of external IPs for Multicloud designs. Today, our range is enriched again to offer you 4 references of Load Balancers:

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    With our range of Load Balancers, you can redirect your traffic to our entire ecosystem such as Instances, DataBases, GPUs, Bare Metal and Dedibox.The LB-GP-L and LB-GP-XL “Multi-Cloud” offers stand out: we have opened all external IPs, without restriction. This allows you to integrate other cloud platforms such as Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or OVHCloud, as well as servers you host in your on-premises or in a third-party data center.

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    Why choose Scaleway Load Balancers?

    This openness to external IPs creates new design opportunities to deploy or evolve your infrastructures.

    - Geographic Diversification

    Scaleway benefits from differents localisations :

    • PAR1, our strong historical région.
    • PAR2, our Green Datacenter with Adiabatic cooling.
    • AMS1, in Amsterdam, at the center of european’s network interconnections.
    • WAW1, a new opening to the Eastern countries.

    Using our Load Balancer if the best way to benefit from different advantages around Europe !

    - Hybrid hosting, a first step to the cloud

    Hybridizing your infrastructure is usually one of the first steps to take when entering the Cloud. Apart from most startups that we can call “cloud native”, the first step is often to use cloud services for overflow purposes (peak load) or to migrate existing services. The Multi-Cloud Load Balancer makes it easy and safe to respond to these use cases.

    - Multi-cloud Resilience

    We attach the utmost importance to providing guarantees for the service quality of our products. For example, many of you use our ["General Purpose Instances"], that offer a 99.99% SLA. If you want to increase your resilience level, you can now provide redundancy to your infrastructure with different cloud solution providers.

    - Integration of third-party products

    For specific projects or tests, you may want to distribute your traffic to third-party solutions. The Multicloud Load Balancer removes limits and allows for products to be mixed.

    👉 Find all details about our Load Balancers on Scaleway's websiteor try one directly with the console or our API.

    Article written by

    Louis Moreau

    Product Marketing Manager at Scaleway

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    save up to $754 USD (2).png

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