The Chief I/O: Red hat

  • Red Hat Ansible Platform 1 vs 2; What’s the Difference?

    Red Hat Ansible is a platform used by enterprises to manage, unify and execute infrastructure and configuration automation. The platform comes in two versions, platforms 1 and 2, and they have features fitted to different environments. Exploring these features would help users compare and pick which platform to adopt.
  • Samsung Partners with Red Hat to Deliver 5G Network Solutions

    Red Hat Inc., the global provider of open-source solutions, recently announced its collaboration with Samsung to deliver 5G network solutions for its service providers. The partnership will utilize Red Hat OpenShift, the enterprise Kubernetes platform, to help service providers make 5G a reality.
  • Red Hat Announces The Integration Of Ansible Automation With Openshift Kubernetes

    Earlier this week, Red Hat announced the integration of its Ansible automation solution with its OpenShift Kubernetes container platform. The integration is designed to accelerate the automation and integration between traditional and cloud-based infrastructure. The idea behind this move is to allow customers to upgrade to cloud-based services while preserving existing infrastructure.
  • Red Hat OpenShift to Support Windows Containers from 2021

    Starting in early 2021, Red Hat OpenShift will begin supporting Windows containers. Companies that operate on multi-cloud infrastructure using Linux and Windows will find it easier to run operations. This is because Windows containers on Windows servers can be managed by the same OpenShift Kubernetes managing the rest of the system.
  • Red Hat To Acquire StackRox and Bring More Security To OpenShift Platform

    A while ago, RedHat announced its plans to acquire Stackrox, the containers, and Kubernetes-native security provider. They had a forward motion of taking its system to the OpenShift Kubernetes Platform. From this acquisition, RedHat has intentions to focus on improving security for cloud-native users and workloads with the refining of container build, Kubernetes native controls refining, and better build in the CI/CD phase.
  • Red Hat announces the availability of OpenShift 4.7

    OpenShift 4.7, the latest Windows Container support software from Red Hat, has been made globally available. An embodiment of Red Hat's efforts to improve activity and dependency to orchestrate both virtual machines and containers.
  • Red Hat OpenShift now Generally Available on AWS Console

    Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS has been made generally available, both parties announced on 24th March 2022. Red Hat OpenShift developers now have access to enhanced containerization on AWS.
  • EC2-Classic’s Final Stretch: Here’s What You Need To Know Before It's Retired

    After 15 years of service, EC2-Classic is now on its final stretch about to be retired by AWS, and its users are now required to migrate to VPC.