SREview Issue #7 November 2020

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November zine covering the latest and greatest from the SRE and resilience engineering community.

    We’re drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes, lighting candles, and wearing flannel. Oh, and reading a bunch of great stuff. Here’s the November issue of SREview! This monthly zine features epic Tweets, content, and events happening in the SRE and resilience engineering community.

    Tweets that have us twittering


    Yury Niño Roa Shares her Insights on Chaos Engineering and SRE: Yury shares draws her to SRE and chaos engineering, how she defines resilience, and more.

    Engineers, Stop Hoarding your Metrics: Like The Hobbit’s dragon Smaug laying on his pile of gold, never spending and only hoarding, many of us often stockpile pretty, feel-good, but useless metrics that never make a difference. In fact, they could actually be clouding your ability to get the context and clarity you need from your metrics.

    3 Ways SRE Can Boost your Business Value: In this blog post, we’ll look at the business value of SRE through customer focus, observability, and efficiency.

    10 Days of Errors: Halloween is over, but these eerie tales of errors are still worth curling up to read on a chilly fall night.

    Five things you should never say in a software developer interview: Isabel Nyo gives advice to engineers applying for jobs. Here’s what an interviewer never wants to hear.

    From Sysadmin to SRE: John Duffney writes about how a passion for automation helped him advance his career from help desk to SRE.

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    New eBookThe Comprehensive Guide on SLIs, SLOs, and Error Budgets: This eBook covers everything you need to know about SLIs, SLOs, and error budgets in less than 30 pages.

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