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Security is a crucial part of application development and DevSecOps makes it easy and continuous.

The videos in this article will give a thorough breakdown of what DevSecOps is, why you need it, and how you can integrate it into your development lifecycle.

    Practicing DevOps has brought about the use of various modern sophisticated technologies. Technologies such as serverless, microservices, and containerization.

    With this increasing number of new technologies in the cloud and software development field, there's an increase in systems vulnerability.

    Modern systems require modern security solutions and techniques. This is what brought about DevSecOps -- a practice of integrating security in every DevOps process.

    In this article, we’ll list some of the best DevSecOps videos you should watch, both beginner and expert, if you’re enthusiastic about building secure technological solutions through DevSecOps.

    What is DevSecOps by IBM Cloud

    In this video, an IBM Cloud staff, Andrea Crawford, explains the important things you need to know about the DevSecOps practice. She explains what DevSecOps is, what benefits it offers, and major use cases for implementing DevSecOps.

    She also shed light on how DevSecOPs is applied throughout the application pipeline from the Idea, Code, and Build phases up to the Management and Learning phase.

    DevSecOps: What, Why and How by Black Hat

    This video is an excerpt of the Black Hat’s USA 2019 event where security expert and Director of NotSoSecure Global Services, Anant Shrivastava talked about what DevSecOps is, why we need DevSecOps, and how DevSecOps integrates security in the DevOps pipeline.

    He also mentioned various open source tools we can use to implement DevSecOps security in both on-premise and cloud infrastructures. He ended the video with case studies of how some major companies implemented DevSecOps to build and manage more secure and agile applications.

    DevSecOps - the What, Why & How? by GitLab

    This 1-hour webinar hosted by GitLab gives an in-depth explanation of the difference and similarities between DevOps and DevSecOps. The speakers discussed how DevSecOps is ensuring the security of modern business solutions and how tech companies are implementing DevSecOps as part of their DevOps lifecycle.

    The video webinar ended with recommendations of best operational practices when implementing DevSecOps.

    The Three Faces of DevSecOps by InfoQ

    This video is a live presentation recorded at InfoQ’s QCon London 2019 event, where Guy Podjarny speaks on the three phases of DevSecOps.

    The speaker started his presentation by breaking down what DevOps means and why we practice it. He then went ahead to explain DevSecOps in relation to how he described DevOps earlier to help viewers establish the psychological connection between the two practices.

    He defined the various aspects of software development that pose a threat to the security of our application and finally explained how DevSecOps has come to the aid.

    DevSecOps, the Big Picture: Culture, Processes, and Technologies on a High Level

    The speaker in this video, Stefan Streichsbeier is an information security expert with over 13 years of experience in the field as at the time the video was recorded.

    The presentation was made in a live event organized and produced by Engineers.SG, a community of tech startups and enthusiasts in Singapore.

    The speaker used real-life illustrations to explain DevSecOps, the technology, and the psychology behind the practice.

    A DevSecOps Tale of Business, Engineering, and People by James Wicket

    James Wicket, the speaker in this video is an author as well as senior security and DevOps engineer who organizes several events on DevOps and cloud computing.

    He made the presentation in this video at the Global AppSec DC 2019 event where he explained the concept behind DevSecOps using history and business as a point of interaction.

    Practical DevSecOps: How to Continuously Adapt to Threats

    Lastly on this list of recommended DevSecOps videos is an excerpt from AWS Public Sector Summit in 2018 where Solutions Architect, Paul Hidalgo was a speaker.

    He started by explaining the DevOps lifecycle then stated why the traditional DevOps is no longer suitable for modern development processes.

    He explained DevSecOps in simple words and went ahead to give an easy-to-follow speech on how to continuously adapt to security threats by practicing DevSecOps.

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