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7 DevOps and CloudNative Podcasts to Listen to Now

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DevOps and Cloud Native Podcasts to Listen to Now

Over the last years, podcasting earned tremendous popularity. The number of podcast listeners is growing, and the vast majority of podcasts are accessible for free, which also help in increasing the listenership.

The DevOps and Cloud Native space has also experienced the same phenomenon; there are more podcasts in this category than ever.

In this story, we are going to share some of them.

    The DevOps FaunCast

    The DevOps FaunCast is a podcast outside the mainstream - it's a narrative podcast that dives deep into a technology or a topic in each episode. Each episode of The DevOps FaunCast treats you to an in-depth story about a topic related to DevOps, SRE, distributed and cloud computing, and Kubernetes. This podcast is part of FAUN community; it's narrated by Kassandra Russel and prepared by Aymen El Amri and Kenichi Shibata.

    The DevOps FaunCast The DevOps FaunCast

    Kubernetes Podcast

    The Kubernetes Podcast from Google is a weekly news and interview show with insight from the Kubernetes community. This podcast is hosted by Craig Box and Adam Glick. It focuses on Kubernetes and the ecosystem around it. The podcast is quite popular in the Kubernetes space, as it features leaders and developers from K8s community, as well as other people.

    Kubernetes Podcast Kubernetes Podcast

    The Humans of DevOps

    Hosted by Jayne Groll, from The DevOps Institute, this podcast focuses on "advancing the human elements of DevOps through skills, knowledge, ideas, and learning – or the SKIL framework". The Humans of DevOps discusses a wide range of topics like DevOps, Cloud Native, Observability, Agile and Incident Management.

    Humans of DevOps Podcast Series Humans of DevOps Podcast Series


    A podcast about the world of cloud infrastructure from Hashicorp. This podcast highlights people, and technology from companies in the technology community, as well as insight and news from HashiCorp itself. If you are a user of Hashicrop products, this podcast will keep you posted with news and discussions about technologies like Terraform, Consul and Vagrant.

    HashiCast HashiCast

    Ship Happens

    This is a VictorOps podcast series featuring interviews with leaders in the engineering and DevOps communities. The podcast focuses on many topics but, most importantly, SRE, on-call, and incident management. If you are interested in topics like incident management, this podcast is for you.

    Ship Happens Ship Happens

    DevOps on AWS Radio

    Hosted by Scott Alexander and Shaug Evans, this podcast cover topics around applying DevOps principles and practices such as Continuous Delivery.

    The podcast, as its name describes, focuses on AWS and other related technologies. This is a conversational podcast and hosts speak to engineers from the AWS community.

    DevOps on AWS Radio DevOps on AWS Radio

    Continuous Discussions

    This is an Electric Cloud podcast, discussing Agile, DevOps & Continuous Delivery hosted by Sam Fell. Continuous Discussions episodes are in the form of panels where 4 or 5 guests discuss the same topic. If you prefer discussions panels over regular podcasts, then you will certainly like this podcast. Unfortunately, it seems that this podcast is discontinued but there is already a good number of episodes that we think you may like.

    Continuous Discussions Continuous Discussions


    We enumerated some podcasts, but there are tens of other interesting podcasts. Podcasting is a time-consuming task, it's not as easy as it seems: so, many thanks to all these podcasters!

    What are other podcasts you listen to?

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