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With startups like Serverless, Lumigo, and Thundra, serverless computing is gaining a new edge with more sophisticated tools, frameworks and platforms to further utilize the benefit of this technology. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the leading startups that are leveraging serverless technology to improve and simplify the end-to-end software development workflow.

    Because of the opportunities of cost optimization, reduced operational burden, and less worry about keeping servers alive, developers and tech organizations have rapidly adopted serverless computing in delivering their applications.

    In response to this rapid adoption of the technology, different startups and tech companies are coming up with new platforms and tools to make the development and delivery of software on serverless platforms more easy and accessible.

    This article is a list of top startups that are leveraging serverless computing to provide solutions for the software development and delivery workflow.



    Vendia is a multi-account, multi-region, multi-company, multi-platform and multi-cloud code collaboration and data sharing solution provider. It allows you to create and deploy enterprise-grade distributed applications from a schema and scales it accordingly with a serverless infrastructure. Founded in 2019 and generating over USD 21M in funding, Vendia also provides capabilities for monitoring and tracking supply chains. It prides itself in tracking real time data for real time forecasting and prediction of supply and demand in supply chains.


    Founded in 2010, is a San Francisco based company that offers cloud-native and serverless computing solutions for handling application services. It provides 4 component tools: IronWorker that handles container-based workloads with support for GPU and autoscaling, IronFunction that helps you migrate serverless functions between multiple clouds, IronMQ providing lightning fast message queuing, and IronCache that provides a fast and scalable memory cache service for your applications. powers some key infrastructure in companies like Google, Philips, and Veritone.



    Thundra is a cloud security visibility and management platform founded in 2017. With its Thundra Foresight tool, Thundra provides comprehensive visibility and observability into continuous integration and testing pipelines. It provides aggregated metrics, logs, asynchronous monitoring, and detailed tracing for easy debussing and issue resolution.



    Dashbird is an end-to-end observability and real-time error tracking for AWS Lambda applications. Using this observability platform, you have access to a single pane of glass for logs, metrics and traces. This makes it easy to visualize and interrogate what you need to know about your serverless applications.

    The company developed integrations with AWS services like X-ray, CloudWatch Logs and CloudWatch Metrics.

    Dashbird monitors also other AWS cloud services like API Gateways, SQS queues, ECS containers, Kinesis streams, Step Functions, and DynamoDB tables.



    Lumigo is a serverless debugging and monitoring platform. It offers a visual debugger that visualizes your serverless stack and allows you to fix issues directly from the visual interface. It also provides easy distributed tracing and uses artificial intelligence and predictive analysis to identify potential bottlenecks and alert you before they impact application performance.



    Macrometa is a serverless cloud platform for building real-time applications and APIs. It abstracts all the complexities of building a distributed application on a traditional cloud and allows you to create event-driven functions and containers faster to handle workloads and process data in real-time. It utilizes edge computing to enable you to build applications for web, mobile, IoT, and edge devices with ability to perform CRUD operations on real-time cloud databases.



    Serverless is a leading framework for building serverless web, mobile and IoT applications. It is powered by AWS Lambda and API GAteway to enable developers to build and manage scalable serverless applications. It enables you to create and embed serverless functions into infrastructure to automate operation events.



    Founded in 2016, Stackery is a platform for developers to design, build, deploy, and monitor their serverless applications. Stackery ensures that you securely design, build, deploy, and deliver your event-driven application without worrying about servers. It offers easycode packaging, CI/CD automation, isolated testing and production environments, and real-time visibility into serverless infrastructure.



    PureSec is a security startup by renowned security firm, Palo Alto Networks, with its product named Prisma Cloud. Prisma Cloud provides security for the hosts, containers and serverless applications through the application lifecycle. It is an end-to-end security solution that offers vulnerability management, CI/CD security, runtime defense, access control, and compliance for modern distributed, serverless applications.



    Polybit Inc.’s project, Autocode is a scalable platform for automating tasks. It allows you to connect to multiple web API like Airtable, Spotify and Slack to automate notifications, alerts, schedule jobs, and create business chat bots with simple javascript codes. It has a wide library of features and API endpoints that enable users to connect with multiple web services. Some of its features include API autocompletes, API token management, Serverless hosting, version control, environment rollbacks, and key-value storage.

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