What Is Cloudflare Wrangler, and What Are They Used For?

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Talking about serverless platforms that are used for code execution without interruption, Cloudflare Worker is one of those platforms.

This article discusses what Cloudflare Workers are, their pricing, and supported languages.

    What is Wrangler

    Wrangler is a command-line tool for Cloudflare workers. Wrangler is used in generating, configuring, building, previewing, and publishing projects of your Cloudflare Worker from the comfort of your development environment.

    Wrangler accesses Cloudflare OAuth token to manage Workers' resources on your behalf.

    What are Cloudflare Workers

    Cloudflare Workers is a JavaScript-written platform that enables a serverless execution environment that runs as close as possible to the end-user. It gives users the ability to build an entirely new application or edit existing applications without interrupting or having to configure the infrastructure. Cloudflare Workers cache your code on the network, and it runs when it receives the correct type of request. It leverages the Chrome V8 engine for execution.

    Is Cloudflare Worker-free?

    Cloudflare Worker plans have paid and free plans. The paid plan can use Workers, Workers KV, and Durable Object. The free plans can use limited Workers and Workers KV.

    Cloudflare Worker is a free service by default, with about 100,000 requests per day and with a duration of 10ms CPU time per invocation on Workers.

    Workers' paid plans are Worker's, Workers KV, and Durable Objects, but each plan has different limits on how each plan can use them.

    The Cloudflare Worker free plan can be upgraded into two different plans - the unbound and bundled.

    Your first upgrade from the free plan will typically be upgraded to the unbound plan on default; changes can now only be made for your Workers to change to the bundled plan if it's the preferred plan.

    Workers on the unbound plan are inclusive of requests and duration usage billing, while Workers on the bundled plan only get billing for request usage. For example, a Worker on the unbound plan can use 1 million requests per month, but after exceeding that, a charge of $0.15/million requests will be charged, and a duration of 400,000 GB-s, with a charge of $12.50/million GB-s1,2 of extra durations used. The pricing for this plan is $5 per month plus any additional usage amount.

    Workers on the bundled plan have usage billings on 10 million requests and get charged $0.50/million after exceeding the given amount. It also has a billing for 50 ms CPU time per invocation. You can learn more about the limits for each plan usage on their pricing page.

    What languages do Cloudflare Workers support?

    Cloudflare Worker being a multilingual platform, can be used in several languages. The worker is written with JavaScript, and you can use TypeScript/JavaScript on Worker. The worker was built to execute JavaScript and WebAssembly, but Cloudflare Worker now supports other languages that can compile to JavaScript over time.

    These languages are Kotlin, Dart, Python, Scala, Reason/OCaml, PHP, Perl, and FSharp.


    Cloudflare Worker, a serverless execution platform written in JavaScript that makes application creation and management easy for developers and comes as a free service by default can be accessed through a command-line tool called Wrangler. Though the service is written in JavaScript and accepts JavaScript and TypeScript as programming languages that can be used on it, it supports other languages that can compile to JavaScript.

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