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An ultimate clarity compass for software engineering practices.

    It has been years since popular claims about Software Engineering being the future. This claim has been realized, and although the "Software is eating the world" phrase might sound cliche, it is still 100% valid. SE is the present and the future. It is advisable for readers to find their place in the growing Software Engineering ecosystem.

    The IT ecosystem is indefinitely broad; qualifying it as "a large expanse of disciplines" is not a hyperbole, especially in the wake of a pandemic that has forced many businesses to go digital.

    Next Generation Revolution

    Next-Gen Technology is the future of IT. Many companies are adopting cloud operations nowadays, spurring increased demands for software engineers, cloud developers, DevOps specialists. Be it Kubernetes, Docker, Golang, Python or, the up-and-coming blockchain technologies, there is the best fit for every aspiring practitioner. Yes, it is saturated, but saturated doesn't mean it is too late; saturated means it works and is attaining fulfillment. There are never-ending job offers, recruitments, and projects.

    How Does Brainarator Help?

    Brainarator is a platform enriched with skilled and experienced software engineering professionals devoted to sharing these special skills. This platform is perfectly stringed to guide the next generation of complex technology professionals to their potentials using rich learning paths, interactive courses, and an integrated learning environment:

    Do you need to learn Docker, Swarm, Compose, or Kubernetes? You'll have your clusters and containers up and running, accessible from the embedded terminal in a trice.

    Do you need to learn Golang, Python, or a programming framework like Django, Flask, FastAPI, or Gin Gonic? You'll get the IDE, the file explorer, the development environment, and the terminal - all in a single browser tab.

    Each course contains a voluminous syllabus that is broken down into bits to ease understanding. Moderators are equipped with interactive and efficient teaching expertise. Although learning is the central part of the platform's activity, the application also gets the exact weight of prioritization. Every course, every module, every topic contains protocol simulations for real-time application scenarios.

    🎥Watch a demo of Brainarator on Youtube

    Brainarator's Perspective

    After years of gaining experience, meeting different disciplines of DevOps, software development, and online community building, CloudPlex and FAUN decided to quell widespread prejudice about conditions placed on venturing into complex technologies.

    Many have been made to believe that complex technologies (like Kubernetes) are complicated to master. Another faction of people believes that a "traditional" computer science degree is an unavoidable prerequisite for aspiring practitioners. Either it is just a lame excuse to be lazy or not, Brainarator's MISSION is clear - OVERCOMING THESE PREJUDICES.

    Brainarator: THE VISION

    To democratize the learning of complex technologies and give a chance to all levels to have an accessible entry barrier.
    Aymen El Amri
    CoFounder of Brainarator

    Both founding partners in their like minds shared a perspective that anyone, regardless of their standing, could indiscriminately study complex technologies like Kubernetes provided they are in a suitable environment. FAUN and CloudPlex shared a common determination and a great enthusiasm to create an interactive platform dedicated to Software engineers and Cloud Native teams.

    At Brainarator, we see every day that technologies are reshaping our reality. Our role is to participate in this technological revolution by questioning the learning methods.
    Aymen El Amri
    CoFounder of Brainarator

    Enrolments will soon begin for the first sessions of Brainarator's courses, and we have something in store for the early birds, join the waitlist.

    NB: You do not necessarily need a computer engineering degree or some esoteric IT knowledge to click the link above.

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