ECS Vs. EKS Vs. Fargate: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

ECS Vs. EKS Vs. Fargate: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

    “Are you a Docker person or a Kubernetes person?”

    “AWS ECS is for you if you like using Docker!”

    “AWS EKS is for you if you love Kubernetes!”

    “AWS Fargate is for you if you do not want the grunt work of managing either Docker or Kubernetes!”

    While we have heard such statements from cloud engineers on several accounts, each of these services surprisingly look similar at the top level, but have their own characteristics and advantages. (Check out this comic here).

    To give you a quick walk through, here’s a table with few key curated facts.

    ECS vs EKS vs Fargate ECS vs EKS vs Fargate
    ECS vs EKS vs Fargate ECS vs EKS vs Fargate

    Thanks to Marc Weaver at Databasable, who helped us curate few interesting observations he made while working with these services.


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