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    Technological advancement and DevOps are getting adopted so fast that all developers will need to have all hands on deck to satisfy everyone. The introduction of the NoCode concept has alleviated much of the obstruction in DevOps adoption by many enterprises.

    NoCode has made organizations become DevOps elite and build automated application delivery pipelines to handle users’ needs.

    What is NoCode:

    No code is a way to build digital products, apps, websites, etc., without writing a single line of code. No code offers you the opportunity to build digital solutions without learning any programming language or manipulating codes.

    No code software allows you to build almost anything, from websites, landing pages, messaging apps, analytics dashboards, and SaaS tools with a visual interface. For us, proof that you can build everything with NoCode is Wildcard. Using our platform, you can and build, test & deploy your applications with NoCode.

    All you do is design a visual representation of whatever you want to build, then drag and drop various components to make up your application.

    How is Nocode platform used in DevOps?

    NoCode is disrupting every workflow in software development, and DevOps is not left out.

    DevOps has become a necessary process for enterprises that want to deliver fast and durable solutions. This process involves using various tools and frameworks that require codes to fulfill the agility, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and continuous testing goals. NoCode solutions have streamlined this process and kept it as codeless as possible; to reduce the tasks of DevOps professionals.

    The goal of DevOps is to simplify and automate the process of building an application. NoCode helps DevOps actualize this by providing an easy-to-use graphical interface for professionals to define the necessary procedures with improved speed and accuracy. The NoCode technology reduces hand-coding and the need to learn how to use many tools before implementing DevOps.

    The use of NoCode increases the rate at which containerized applications are built, tested and deployed. Busy developers or developers who want to focus on developing products rather than deploying them are not able to deploy applications as experts do.

    The NoCode solution is, at the same time, accessible to all users, including experts and beginners.

    Wildcard, a NoCode CI/CD platform

    Wildcard provides a NoCode continuous delivery platform that offers a set of tools and practices that you can use to reduce the complexity of DevOps processes. It includes support for intuitive technologies to help you build, deploy and manage complex and straightforward Kubernetes applications in an easy-to-use visual interface.

    Wildcard combines a wide range of DevOps tools to help you deliver consistent codeless infrastructure for containerized applications. In addition to that, Wildcard also helps in packaging and deploying non-containerized applications, allowing companies to manage both containerized and non-containerized applications in the same tool.

    Advantages of NoCode platform:


    With how developers mostly sacrifice speed for security, NoCode platforms help with the increase in productivity and efficiency. Users of NoCode platforms are able to increase their productivity and cut down hours of unnecessary work.

    Reduced cost

    Hiring developers to build an application from scratch is pretty expensive, making many startups back down from their tech ideas.This platform allows you to build enterprise solutions with a considerable number of excellent features at a small fraction of the cost of hiring a developer that will build from scratch.

    Application packaging & delivery

    Packaging applications are often carried out with frameworks on associated runtime, e.g., Kubernetes, and this is an essential part of application development’s build and delivery process. NoCode helps in the test/production environment; the release management processes to determine consistency, reliability, and speed. This platform empowers non-technical minds also to contribute and have an opinion on delivery pipelines to use and associated process management.

    Wildcard is a NoCode platform that provides a solution to help organizations, and developers, even those without DevOps experience or coding knowledge, to successfully implement DevOps practices and build, deploy, and manage applications without writing a single line of code. Start for free by singing using Github or GitLab.

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