AWS Debuts New Low-Code Tool To Support AWS Step Functions

The new Workflow studio is built to reduce the amount of code developers write.


Amazon, represented by their distinct cloud arm, announced the integration of a new Workflow Studio for AWS Step Functions. The newly developed tool is aimed at reducing the workload in preparing applications on its cloud. The new tool also works for the AWS Lambda for serverless operations.

Developers yearn for a faster approach in Step Functions operations.
Developers yearn for a faster approach in Step Functions operations.
Key Facts
  1. 1

    The new tool also uses AWS Lambda.

  2. 2

    Moving forward, developers can afford to avoid the strain of learning the Amazon States Language to run Step Functions.

  3. 3

    Developers can use Workflow Studio to construct serverless processes for their apps using a drag-and-drop interface.

  4. 4

    Step Functions is now user-friendly to beginners and old users alike.


Many must be wondering if the AWS production team members even sleep at night. AWS has made immense success over the years introducing new services and adding numerous enhancements to their flagship cloud services.

One highly noteworthy milestone that strikes a chord is the AWS Lambda dating back to its release in 2014 and is monikered by many as the "pioneer of serverless computing." Quite rightly so, it is the first serverless platform. Also known as Function as a service (FaaS), serverless computing models like AWS Lambda, developers can easily write robust, large-scale applications in the form of a code snippet without being concerned about infrastructure management. Then in the winter of 2016, Step Functions was born. They (AWS), as well, expanded the AWS Lambda field with the incorporation of the AWS Lambda extensions.

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AWS Step Functions is an orchestration tool that leverages AWS services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon ECS, etc., in creating distributed applications, automating IT, business processes, machine learning architecture, and data.

The concept behind the Workflow Studio is the incorporation of a visual builder to orchestrate workflows in the AWS management console. Amazon States Language has been an insurmountable function needed to build Step Functions workflows since its release in December 2016. This was, however, expressed by many as a limiter. Developers yearn for a faster approach in Step Functions operations. Prototyping and building workflows with the strain of writing extraneous code or spawning external services was a turn-off for many, especially beginners.

The new visual builder supports building with AWS Lambda functions and other external services using the drag-and-drop function, which means no extraneous tasks acquiring resources before the workflow design process.

The Workflow Studio for AWS Step Functions passes the user-friendly test, and developers can see their machine-based workflows in a low code experience. That along with the drag-and-drop interface that allows you to drag workflows from other services to AWS Step Functions and then reconfigure states and data transformation with inbuilt functions. New Step Functions users can employ the Workflow studio in a way that rewards business. Old Step Functions users can now quickly prototype workflows and share them with colleagues.

AWS Step Functions Workflow Studio is only generally available in a few regions at its release. US East (Ohio and N. Virginia), Canada (Central), US West (Oregon), South America (São Paulo), EU (Stockholm), EU West (Ireland), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo and Mumbai) were the only listed regions at its time of release.

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