AWS Launches OpenSearch Into General Availability: OpenSearch 1.0

Top features include the search engine, analytics services, and anomaly detection.


The OpenSearch community received good news from Amazon Web Services on July 12, 2021, with the commissioning of OpenSearch 1.0 into general availability.

The release marks the fruition of development efforts over a while.
The release marks the fruition of development efforts over a while.
Key Facts
  1. 1

    The managed service is built on Elasticsearch 7.10.2 & Kibana 7.10.2 off the Apache 2.0 license.

  2. 2

    Unlike the beta version, OpenSearch 1.0 supports the ARM64 infrastructure for Linux.

  3. 3

    OpenSearch usurps a select few security functions from Amazon's ELK distribution, Open Distro.


It is a celebration galore for everyone at the AWS-sponsored OpenSearch team. A generally available version has been released after a series and rounds of upgrading, compatibility check and testing all through the beta version.

OpenSearch 1.0 embodies an array of analytics engines, OpenSearch, a search engine, OpenSearch Dashboards brandishing a visualisation and user interface, a sub-array of Open Distro features including alerts, security, anomaly detection, etc.

The release marks the fruition of development efforts over a while. This milestone would have been deemed impossible or too early for an initiative that only started some months ago.

With the addition of plugins from the Open Distro for the Elasticsearch project and major upgrades supplied by contributors across the community, the pace of change on OpenSearch has accelerated.

While the first pre-Alpha effort deleted the great bulk of the now unnecessary patented bits and references, additional cleaning took place during the development process. OpenSearch can now be used with confidence, knowing that it is devoid of restrictive code and references.

OpenSearch should perform perfectly in cases of upgrading concerns and considerations in both cases of new Elasticsearch users or migration of an existing workload. The team spent quality time making upgrades envisioning this. Users can upgrade from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch in the same way you did in the past when switching between Elasticsearch versions.

OpenSearch maintains compatibility with a vast list of tools and libraries, showing potential for a limitless array of them, making it a reliable search and analysis engine. Users have been instrumental in pointing out and assisting the project's developers in understanding what is required to maintain compatibility with their favourite tools. To achieve maximum compatibility, adjustments had to be made to the way versions are reported and the maintenance of critical API features utilised by other libraries.

It is a commonplace expectation for a project that exudes as much complexity as OpenSearch; thorough testing guarantees that minor tweaks don't cause unintended consequences. The team put a lot of effort into ensuring that OpenSearch has a contemporary and adaptable testing infrastructure that will last for an extended time.

This version allows users Access to functional capabilities like the ARM64 support, analytics-tracing plugins, scheduling plugins, and tenant reporting plugins.

In addition, the GA provides several new capabilities around data stream support for OpenSearch Dashboards, ARM64 support, plugins for distributed tracing analytics, and for scheduling and tenant reporting, to name a few. The release, which is aimed at production adoption, includes artifacts for deploying as a solitary tool in production and integrating with other projects.

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