AWS to offer free eight-week training


On January 28 2021, AWS announced its newest Twitch series AWS Dev Hour: Building Modern Applications - an eight-week show presented by AWS training and certification designed to teach individuals interested in learning how to build cloud native applications and best practices when using their architecture.

We know access to skills training can help unlock opportunities and have a positive, long-term impact for our employees
We know access to skills training can help unlock opportunities and have a positive, long-term impact for our employees
Key Facts
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    AWS Dev Hour is a free show on Twitch that started on Thursday 28th of January 2021.

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    They would be live-streaming their first episode teaching participants how to build a serverless application in the AWS cloud using the AWS free tier.

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    Subsequent weekly episodes will be live-streamed on Thursdays at 4 pm PST on the AWS Twitch Channel.

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    Missed episodes will be available on-demand on Twitch after every livestream.

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    This free training will take the number of training series produced for Twitch by AWS Training and Certification to four.


This is considered a great move by Amazon putting developers in future plans for building and improving modern applications. This series gives you the opportunity to learn in a more interactive and fun way with an extra hands-on approach to allow you to practice and master the codes in real-time. The course which will span for eight weeks will be hosted by AWS experts based in Australia Ben Newton (Delivery Readiness Technical) and May Kyaw (Associate Solutions Architect). They will be covering topics and in-depth processes of the end-to-end build of a serverless application in the AWS cloud whilst making use of the AWS Free Tier.

In each episode, you’ll be trying out codes in real-time alongside hosts and other peers taking advantage of AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon API Gateway, Authentication, React libraries, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), AWS CodePipeline, and many more in store. You’ll be exposed to best practices for modern applications and fully immerse yourself in how AWS-Cloud-Native applications vary from on-premises. The AWS Dev Hour: Building Modern Applications is all part of AWS holding up its commitment to train 29 million learners for free come 2025 through resourceful offerings that meet learners with minimum fuss.

The series hosted via twitch has seen success precede it after AWS Power Hour: Machine Learning and AWS Power Hour: Cloud Practitioner amassed thousands of viewers. A new hands-on project is introduced to be completed as they follow along in the series. This is in a bid to boost the interactive learning aspect for customers.

“Providing free access to technical skills training has been an important priority for us for many years. We know access to skills training can help unlock opportunities and have a positive, long-term impact for our employees, customers, and communities,” Scott Barneson, director of Learning Products, AWS Training and Certification added.

AWS Dev Hour host Ben Newton also said that,

“AWS Dev Hour is more than just watching two Tim-Tam-slamming, Vegemite-toast-smothering, coffee-guzzling Aussie developers writing code. It’s project-based learning! We want to help enable future AWS Cloud developers in the community by building something together, from scratch! It’s going to be a journey, with a lot of fun (and laughter—likely at my code) along the way. I can’t wait!”

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