Cloudflare Launches its 18th Data Center in Toronto, Canada

Cloudflare announces its first Canadian base of operations to pave the way for regional growth and closer access points.


The reliability, security, and performance specialists have a new base in one of the fast-growing economies in the world. On April 19, 2021, the company announced that Toronto would house its new Canadian home of operations, allowing them to prove their commitment and show support to their increasing customer base.

Out of 70 billion daily cyberattacks, 3.2 billion, which is about 4.6%, emanate from the Canadian internet.
Out of 70 billion daily cyberattacks, 3.2 billion, which is about 4.6%, emanate from the Canadian internet.
Key Facts
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    This is the cybersecurity firm’s second data center in Canada, the first was in 2012.

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    Cloudflare’s global customer evaluation falls to 3.5 million coming from over 200 cities in over 100 countries.

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    Out of 70 billion daily cyberattacks, 3.2 billion, which is about 4.6%, emanate from the Canadian internet.


Cloudflare is built on three keywords: reliability, security, and performance. Of course, all of these apply to anything connected to the internet. The new base of operations will help promote brand awareness, customer acquisition, local talent recruitment, and customer support.

Cloudflare’s first physical figure in Canada, the first data center was also in Toronto. It was opened in 2012.

The company has data centers distributed globally. They are built on a global network with a distributed architecture that delivers a wide variety of network services to small, large, and medium scale businesses spreading Cloudflare’s tentacles over the performance of internet-related entities demanding less cost and complexity.

Cloudflare has a reach of thousands of customers in Canada. This includes non-profits, large organizations, institutions, entrepreneurs. All these people demand fast, protected, reliable internet users all around the world. The company is faring well in these areas, with huge numbers like 70 billion threats deterred globally daily. Thanks to the increase in reliance on virtual products, internet traffic in Canada had gone up over 60% compared to last year when the world was first adapting to a more virtual theme. 2021 had seen more Canadians online than 2020 when social distancing and lockdown exercises kept offices from moving around.

Canada’s growing internet populace means proportional growth in cyberattacks. An attestation is that 3.2 billion(4.6%) of the 70 billion blocked cyberattacks originate from Canada – this is a 26% increase compared to the end of 2020.

It is indubitable that before 2020, the world has never experienced so much reliance on the internet, a way of life many have presumed is not going away – and quite rightly so. There are only a few modern climates that rely on traditional means anymore. News update, work execution, reaching out to friends, academic sessions, seminars fading for webinars, buying products, and so many things can be found online. Most online startups that had been on the bottom shelf for years since debuting found their way to fame this past year.

Cloudflare would look back to 2012 when they first opened their data center in Toronto. Nine years later, they have a network spanning more than 200 cities in 100 countries. 7 of these 200 are in Canada. As the company's tentacles continue spreading, Cloudflare adds more customers, corporate networks, and organizations around the world indiscriminately. Shopify, Thomson Reuters, Wealthsimple are some of the Canadian companies on Cloudflare’s customer list. The company also boasts global partnerships with Irving Oil, Videotron, Acquia to serve Canadian customer better

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