DevOps: Report on DevOps Practices by DORA

The report is drafted from a report release of the annual research and survey of DevOps practices and their effect in scaling and delivering app services.


Google Cloud's assessment team for DevOps, the DORA DevOps research and assessment teams, gives a full report on changes experienced and growth of different level teams in 2021.

The report stated a rise in deploy rate by 973 times compared to the low players
The report stated a rise in deploy rate by 973 times compared to the low players
Key Facts
  1. 1

    Elite DevOps teams had a noticeable increase in speed of delivering updates and products.

  2. 2

    Reliability Engineering is a better metric for measuring growth than availability.

  3. 3

    SRE and DevOps complement each other to produce better team yield.

  4. 4

    DevOps team's who used multi-cloud services had higher delivery levels.

  5. 5

    Google introduced DevOps awards for exceptional google cloud customers.


As has been the practice for seven years in a row now, Google hosted the Annual Accelerate State of DevOps reports which compiles data from all over the world to reflect on the state of growth and practices within the DevOps community. These datasets are collated from over 32,000 professionals and give insight into how DevOps Practices affect software delivery.

Following reports from previous years, teams are split into rankings of Elite, High, Medium, and Low-level teams based on their software deployment rate, change fail rate, mean-time-to-restore, and lead time for changes. All of which The elite players showed a significant increase. The report stated a rise in deploy rate by 973 times compared to the low players, and the lead time to deploy was 6570 times faster than low players. Change failure rate and recovery speed from incidents were three times lower and 6570 times faster, respectively. Elite players are changing scaling measurements for DevOps teams.

Burnouts were noticed from teams with less structure to their work, which had a level of effect on productivity. Team members with health structures experience less burnout during the Pandemic.

The report noted that a survey including questions for the operations showed that Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) 's framework had complementary effects on DevOps. Teams using both practices had a higher chance of software delivery (1.4 times more likely) and better chances at better business results (1.8times )

The report also noted that teams making use of multi-cloud services noticed increases in SDO performances. The highest level noticed by teams using Public Cloud and multiple cloud services and lowest levels by teams using Datacenter or on-premises model. Hybrid Cloud Users also showed an increase in performance by 1.6 times the same as Multi-cloud users.

With security, it was noticed that Elite players paid more attention to their security and made changes in the last year to enable a secure supply chain. We're able to make services delivered safely. Documentation also proved to play its part, and successful teams were noticed to have appropriately documented all its properties, and these documentations allowed for easy implementation of DevOps practices.

DevOps Award was introduced, and individuals were encouraged to apply with statements detailing their practices in DevOps and the impacts it has had in their immediate environments, including their teams, organizations, and environments.

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