Grafana Adds A Free Tier To Its Cloud Observability Platform


Grafana Labs has announced an updated version of its cloud service and a brand-new free plan for Grafana cloud. The new plan contains everything you need for monitoring- Graphite and Prometheus for metrics, Loki for logs, and Tempo for tracing, all integrated within Grafana.

The Grafana Cloud is used for the collection, analysis, and tracking alerts on Prometheus and Loki logs
The Grafana Cloud is used for the collection, analysis, and tracking alerts on Prometheus and Loki logs
Key Facts
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    The free plan gives users a 14-day retention period for metrics and logs. It also gives 50 GB of log storage, access for nearly 3 members, and up to 10,000 series for Graphite and Prometheus metrics.

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    The updated Pro paid plan offers up to 15,000 series for metrics with 13 months of retention, compared to the earlier 3,000. It also offers 100 GB of logs with 1-month retention.

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    Among other new features is a growing library of cloud integrations like Go, MySQL, and Cockroach DB, along with 40+ existing plugins. Users will also get access to preconfigured dashboards and access to Prometheus-style alerting rules for both logs and metrics directly in Grafana.

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    It also offers synthetic monitoring to observe how systems and applications are performing from a user’s point of view. It monitors applications and API endpoints from various locations around the world, without the need to instrument metrics.

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    The Grafana Cloud Pro plan will be rolled out to existing customers this month, while the free-tier plan is already available.


Grafana cloud users do not have to build and maintain an observability stack themselves. They can leverage the platform by integrating their logs and metrics with Grafana cloud. Grafana has become one of the most popular visualization engines for the data key to observability, providing a more open alternative to a wide variety of data sources.

The paid Grafana cloud plan would be rolled out to existing users this month at the price of $49 per month. Grafana bills metrics and logs based on consumption, making it possible to scale according to the work environment.

Grafana also offers an enterprise version that customers can use to implement on their own. The Grafana Cloud is used for the collection, analysis, and tracking alerts on Prometheus and Loki logs.

The new plans make Grafana Cloud more flexible than ever. To all of our current users, I hope Grafana Cloud continues to meet and exceed your expectations of a Grafana-based monitoring solution.
Richard Lam
Senior Product Manager of Grafana Labs

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