IBM acquires cloud consultancy firm - Taos Mountain


On the 14th of January, 2021,International Business Machines IBM announced that it would be acquiring Taos Mountain LLC, a stellar cloud professional and managed IT services provider to improve efficiency in IBM’s hybrid cloud migration and transformation capabilities.

The acquisition couldn't have come at a better time, a time when enterprises are shifting their IT workloads to the public cloud
The acquisition couldn't have come at a better time, a time when enterprises are shifting their IT workloads to the public cloud
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    Taos Mountain, a California based consulting firm boasts being one of the largest multi cloud firms in the whole of North America.

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    The deal marks the ninth acquisition since Arvind Krishna became IBM’s chief executive in April, spelling out the company’s focus tilting towards hybrid cloud and AI , the company added.

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    Taos, founded in 1989, is a notable consulting company that helps companies migrate their applications and data from in-house servers they manage to remote computing infrastructure, referred to as the cloud.

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    Influential Industry IT analysts estimate the marketplace for cloud professional service will surpass $200 billion by 2024

Taos adds the deep expertise, public cloud partnerships and innovative solutions needed to drive growth and adoption of IBM's hybrid cloud platform throughout America.

said John Granger, Senior vice chairman, Cloud Application Innovation and Chief Operating Officer, IBM Global Business Services.

They are well-positioned on the Gartner Magic Quadrant known for recognizing industry leaders in public cloud infrastructure expertise and managed services. In the future, analysts predict that it’s likely that most enterprises adopt a hybrid cloud strategy, where their data and applications blend amidst a mix of on-premises and public cloud environments.

With thousands of companies expected to migrate to the cloud within the coming years, it’s expected that the majority will use multiple cloud providers, and Krishna sees a chance for IBM to manage the complexities of that setup. Amassing over 30 years of experience and building expertise in leading brands across healthcare, financial services, technology, retail, education, and transportation, Taos has a plethora of strong ties with Amazon Web Service(AWS), Google Cloud Platform(GCP), and Microsoft Azure Which aids the delivery of data center migration platform engineering and hybrid cloud services.

The acquisition couldn't have come at a better time, a time when enterprises are shifting their IT workloads to the public cloud. The Covid-19 pandemic allowed the trend widespread giving room for altering the center of enterprise data allowing a lot of people to seek external management expertise.

“Our team brings over 300 certifications with leading public clouds to serve clients throughout North America.” Said assuredly by Taos Chief Executive Officer Hamilton Yu.

IBM added that Taos will carry out activities as an IBM company under the banner of the IBM Global Business Services and will remain within IBM for the long run.

He also added that “It’s really that combination of those skills with these very strong partnerships,” Mr. Granger said. He later added: “We have some capability in this space, but these are, for us in Global Business Services, a significant strengthening of our capability in this space with these cloud providers.” The financial details of the agreement was not made public stating that the transaction is subject to conditional customary closing.

A while ago in a historic collaboration with AT&T, IBM announced their plan to build a hybrid cloud completely powered by 5G that will manage applications housed in a cloud architecture using the IBM cloud satellite. Earlier in the year, IBM acquired 7Summits - a salesforce consultancy provider in a bid to advance the firm’s cloud, AI, and overall ambitions. 7Summits is also a part of IBM Global Business Services Salesforce's arm as they face a rise in client demand for business transformation services. Mid-December was a time of big moves for IBM as they also announced that Fintech Expertus Technologies will also be joining IBM.

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