IBM Launches AI-Powered Automation Software

Hands-off operations, minimal costs, instantaneous delivery, all that, more, and then some in IBM Cloud Pak.


IBM has released a hybrid cloud AI-driven automation tool for communications service providers (CSPs) channeled to help them set up and optimize the new 5G networks faster.

With it is a bulky stack of automation tools that support multi-vendor software-based networking.
With it is a bulky stack of automation tools that support multi-vendor software-based networking.
Key Facts
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    The new software was announced at the Mobile World Congress 2021 in Barcelona.

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    The International Business Machines Corps offering is modeled on RedHat Openshift.

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    IBM looks to ingrain Turbonomic network assurance and management into its newest offering.

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    Telco industries can leverage Cloud Pak's automated nature to deliver simple management of network functions from the bottom to the crux.


International Business Machine Corps, listed on the New York Stock Exchange and popularly known for being deeply invested in automation, took to the Mobile World Congress 2021 on June 28, 2021, to announce its new offering - Cloud Pak.

After a lot of time, work, and money invested in the modeling of the 4G network, followed by acquisition and standing up around the world, the 3G network finally became obsolete. Although 3G network towers are still available and usable in some parts of the world, development plans have met hiatus since the 4G LTE network inception, which is, in turn, becoming obscure with the emergence of the 5G network.

There have been many questions centered around the uprising of the 5G network. IBM has found some of the answers CSPs would like to hear. Nonetheless, setting up and managing the new 5G network has proven expensive and lengthy for communications service providers. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the intensive work on network deployment that is traditionally done in two months at the most efficient, or six months has been trimmed to four to five days of automated work.

The new software allows CSPs to explore multiple options with fewer limitations regarding the cloud or on-premises deployment and spends far less time on scaling. With it is a bulky stack of automation tools that support multi-vendor software-based networking.

Users can also make use of the analytical capabilities to uncover hidden patterns and trends in their network logs. With this information, they can improve their network performance with a few clicks because Cloud Pak is automated to optimize their network systems. The offering can also be extended into IBM's previous offerings, Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps and IBM Edge Application Manager to assign network bandwidth and resources in crucial positions.

The key benefit for CSPs, according to IBM, is a reduction in the time it takes to set up new 5G networks. Traditionally, setting up a new network deployment takes two to six months of manual labor. According to IBM, its Cloud Pak for Network Automation can cut that time down to four or five days.

Today's announcement comes on the heels of IBM's recent launch of IBM Watson Orchestrate, which provides AI-powered automation to business professionals, as well as the company's acquisitions of Turbonomic, myInvenio, Instana, and WDG Automation, which IBM claims will allow it to develop a complete end-to-end AI-powered automation portfolio of software for transforming business processes and IT operations.

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