IBM Partners with The Coding School to Provide Free Quantum Computing Courses


IBM Quantum joins hands with The Coding School to offer the first-of-its-kind quantum computing courses for high school students. The course aims to provide high-quality STEM education and make quantum education accessible worldwide. The online course is free and would be offered to 5,000 students.

The program is an 8-month long introduction to the quantum computing course.
The program is an 8-month long introduction to the quantum computing course.
Key Facts
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    The course is for high school students who have no prior experience in quantum computing. It will be conducted live by quantum scientists from Oxford University and MIT.

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    The course is called ‘Qubit by Qubit’s Introduction to Quantum Computing’ and will run from October 2020 to May 2021.

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    The course has been accredited A-G by the University of California, and eligible students can claim high school course credits upon completion.

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    Students will work with the IBM Quantum Experience platform and Qiskit, which is an open-source quantum software development kit.

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    The lead instructors for this course are Amir Karamlou from MIT’s Engineering Quantum Systems group and Francisca Vasconcelos, an MIT graduate and Rhodes scholar.

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    The program is an 8-month long introduction to the quantum computing course.


IBM had already partnered with Qiskit to make quantum computing education accessible worldwide. The collaboration with The Coding School is another step in this direction.

Earlier IBM had announced its mission to design a cloud-based complete quantum computer by the end of this decade. The team at IBM aims to develop the IBM Quantum Candor by the end of 2023.

Founded in 2014, The Coding School is a tech education nonprofit working towards making students future-ready. It has already taught 15,000 students across 60 countries how to code. Quantum courses, conducted previously by The Coding Class, have nearly 70% of students from historically underrepresented communities in STEM.

This summer, the Qiskit team conducted the Qiskit Global Summer School, a free introductory quantum computing course for 2-weeks. The course was attended by 4084 students across 101 nations.

The registration is already open and you can apply online.

The course begins on 18th October 2020. Students will be accepted in two rounds- on 9th October and 15th October.

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