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Linux Foundation Collaborates With the CNCF to Deliver Free Kubernetes Tutelage to be the venue of the collaborative educational course, Introduction to Kubernetes on edge with K3s (LFS156x).


The online learning website founded by two of the most prestigious institutions globally, Harvard and MIT,, is set to be the host for afree Kubernetes on edge training, courtesy of the Linux Foundation and CNCF after they announced on May 4, 2021.

This program entails delivering compute management in edge locations, education on supporting projects and foundations
This program entails delivering compute management in edge locations, education on supporting projects and foundations
Key Facts
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    The founder of OpenFaas and inlets and a CNCF Ambassador, Alex Ellis, was the brain behind the tutelage of this course.

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    The 15-hour course entails running compute in edge locations, deploying applications to Kubernetes, hands-on object storage, GitOps deployment, fleet management, and how to interface with sensors.

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    The course also covers how to make the most of open source tools like k3s and k3sup on kubernetes.


The nonprofit organization devoted to instilling innovation through open source, The Linux Foundation, and the vendor-neutral ecosystem for open source projects including containerd, Linkerd, Argo, Contour and Kubernetes, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation at the conference event, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe (Virtual), have announced they are combining resources to deliver a new online training course on

Titled Introduction to Kubernetes on Edge with k3s (LFS156x), the seemingly first of a series of open source training goes deep into illustrating the applications of Kubernetes at the edge with labs, examples and also with a technical overview of the open source k3s project and edge ecosystem.

This program entails delivering compute management in edge locations, education on supporting projects and foundations including LF Edge and CNCF, deploying applications to the edge using open source tools and cluster creation tools like k3sup and k3s, application of edge tools to low-consumption hardware like the Raspberry Pi to students in the space of 15 hours.

Students stand to be exposed to challenges that come with edge compute, majorly the importance of remote access and partial availability. The program will provide practical examples that give students a semblance of experience on application deployment to Kubernetes and fiddle with OpenFaas, MQTT, and object storage. They also get exposed to GitOps models of deployment and fleet management, enabling the student to understand messaging and interaction with sensors and real hardware.

LFS156x is an open source tool premeditatedly designed for designers with a crucial need for knowledge on the influence of cloud native movement on edge deployments. This does not apply to aspiring Kubernetes or edge computing developers who will eventually find its usage.

Alex Ellis is the name behind this tutelage. He is the Founder of OpenFaas and inlets, CNCF ambassador, and an expert in cloud computing. OpenFaas ranks high in popular open source serverless projects with a community built through extensive interaction. Ellis is the author of the beginner-level Kubernetes course – Introduction to serverless on Kubernetes (LFS157x).

Intending participants can begin immediately. Introduction to Kubernetes on Edge with K3s (LFS156x) is available on It is free for ten weeks. However, access to the full year teaching, which comes with a certificate on completion, is to be paid for by the students.

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save up to $754 USD (2).png

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