Mailing Services API Enterprise Nylas Raises $120million in Series C Funding.

Communication startup acquires funds to be invested in the Application Programming Interface Network which it represents.


Nylas Inc., on June 17th, 2021, accrued $120 million in its 3rd series of fundraising labeled "Series C." These funds will be channeled towards improving developer experiences through API transformation.

The Series C arc was led by the Tiger Global Management represented by John Curtius backed by a host of other investors
The Series C arc was led by the Tiger Global Management represented by John Curtius backed by a host of other investors
Key Facts
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    This brings its total financing to $175million.

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    Stripe CEO John Curtius, John Collison, and Patrick Collison are among the new faces on the Nyla board.

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    This funding would be proper timing indeed, with strides Nylas has made before the incumbent API-blooming season.


Founded in 2013, the developer API platform has been moving a lot in 2021. Founders Christine Spang, Gleb Polyakov, and Michael Grinich would have dreamed of days like this when they started with email and scheduling, growing clientele base, providing communication channels in customer's applications, and now growing to a larger scale: the global league.

The communication enterprise's approach is simple, unique, and innovative. Nylas's game is an API platform that allows organizations and developers to incorporate important productivity tools into their apps, such as email, contacts, calendar, and scheduling. The platform links with major email providers like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo Inc., saving developers a sizable amount of time and effort. Although Nylas is single-handedly making needless the effort to create multiple integrations for these various services and maintain them up to date, the platform eliminates these strains, making it possible for developers to send and receive emails with a single API. Its framework could be likened to Stripe, an online payment processing platform with API at its core, or Twilio Inc., which harnesses API concepts to incorporate apps with video calling capabilities.

Nylas has made emphasis on providing developers with “the tools needed to meet customer and market needs faster, create competitive differentiation through powerful and customized customer experiences, and generate huge operational savings through more productive, secure, and intelligently-automated development cycles,” says Gleb Polyakov, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Nylas.

The Series C arc was led by the Tiger Global Management represented by John Curtius backed by a host of other investors. Slack Fund, Round13 Capital, ScaleUP Ventures, Citi Ventures, 8VC, Scale Asia Ventures, Future Shape LLC's principal and founder of Google LLC-owned Nest, Tony Fadell, makes up the list of existing investors present at the Series C Funding. In addition, new group investors featured Blue Cloud Ventures and Owl Rock Capital, Co-founder and Chief executive of Stripe Inc., Patrick Collison, John Collison, and CEO of Klarna Bank AB, Sebastian Siemiatkowski, made the list of individual contributors.

Proper timing couldn't have been well expressed given that Nylas secured these funds in a fruitful season for API use. One customer that appreciates Nylas is the cloud communication company Dialpad Inc., which provides functionality (both internal and external) with email, contacts, and calendars from inside its platform. Its use of Nylas API ensures data synchronization and encryption between Dialpad and the email service provider account.

One could say the 2013 startup is taking things by the scruff with the launch of its new API in the first quarter of the year.

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