Microsoft Releases the SQL Server 2022 in Preview

A news report on the new features in Microsoft’s SQL Server 2022.


Microsoft announced a private preview of the SQL Server 2022 at the Ignite 2021 conference to test-run the new features and provide reviews before being released on General Availability.

The team stated that the new Azure SQL Managed Instance link made adding this feature an easy feat.
The team stated that the new Azure SQL Managed Instance link made adding this feature an easy feat.
Key Facts
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    SQL Server 2022 is released in private preview by Microsoft.

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    The organization announced a proposed integration with the Azure Purview to enhance SQL scans.

  3. 3

    The release is set to feature new use cases.

  4. 4

    Microsoft is integrating Azure features with the new release to provide better support.


At the Ignite 2021 conference hosted by Microsoft, the corporation announced a preview edition of the next release of their database platform, SQL Server 2022. Among the other improvements, the new version of the platform promised and significant addition to the latest release is the integration with Microsoft Azure for disaster recovery and analytics features.

Microsoft announced it would only be available for private preview, which would be available to select customers only. They also revealed that the engineering team for the database platform is searching for organizations to partner with on the adoption program, SQL Server 2022 Early Adoption Program, to provide crucial feedback regarding the usability and stability of the added features.

Microsoft announced plans to link SQL Server 2022 with the newly released data governance platform Azure Purview during the event. Integrating both platforms would provide scans for customers' on-premises SQL servers that would capture metadata and provide control for specific access to the SQL server.

The database platform is set up to witness improvements in its core features in the new version. There would be improvements in its built-in query intelligence process targeted at optimizing and automating queries. The smart query feature would also have a new use case; it would address query issues where a cached plan for query with existing parameters is not the best fit for the successive queries. An additional change to the parameter plans is the Parameter Sensitive Plan optimization designed to automatically generate numerous functional cached plans that encompass the different data sizes based on the provided runtime parameters.

Another resultant feature from the integration of the Microsoft Azure feature with the SQL Server 2022 is the support for failovers from the database platform to an SQL instance managed in the cloud by Azure. To achieve this, they incorporated an in-built Distributed Availability Group (DAG) to replicate data to a previously deployed SQL Instance managed by Azure. The team stated that the new Azure SQL Managed Instance link made adding this feature an easy feat.

The Azure Synapse Analytics was also integrated with SQL Server 2022, and users would no longer need to operate a separate ETL pipeline to get their data into the synapse. This integration would provide automatic change feeds that capture changes from the database platform and feed the changes into the analytics tool.

Finally, the platform now displays improved security as the engineers added the SQL Server Ledger. This feature uses blockchain technology to monitor and provide a data trail that third parties cannot alter.

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