Microsoft Security Business Surpasses $10 Billion in Revenue


In an official blog post, Vasu Jakkal, CVP Security, Compliance, and Identity, announced that Microsoft had reached yet another milestone. Microsoft’s security business has grossed $10 billion in revenue in the last twelve months registering more than 40% year-over-year growth.

Microsoft has also announced enhancements to Azure Defender for protecting multi-cloud virtual machines
Microsoft has also announced enhancements to Azure Defender for protecting multi-cloud virtual machines
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    In the last few years, Microsoft has shifted its focus to strengthening product and service security. Azure Sentinel, the Cloud Native SIEM launched in September 2019, now has more than 9,000 customers.

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    To date, Microsoft has helped more than 400,000 customers in nearly 120 countries of the world to secure their workloads. 90 of the Fortune 100 use at least four or more of Microsoft’s security solutions.

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    Microsoft Defender also offers protection for iOS, macOS, Android, and Linux. In 2020, Defender blocked 30 billion email threats for Office 365.

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    According to the blog, Microsoft has also paid $13.7 million in bug bounty awards to nearly 327 researchers across 55 countries in 2020. These awards were given to identify and address potential vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s products and services before they can be misused by attackers.

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    Sharing data on the effectiveness of its security tools, Microsft said that its Azure Active Directory processed more than 30 billion authentications across 425 million people.


Besides its revenue announcement, Microsoft also announced some product news in its official blog post. Azure Security Center multi-cloud support has now been made available, and it includes a singular view of security alerts from Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

Microsoft has also announced enhancements to Azure Defender for protecting multi-cloud virtual machines. It has also announced the launch of Azure Defender for IoT that adds a layer of security for Operational Technology in industrial and critical infrastructure organizations.

Microsoft also announced Application Guard for Office that protects users from malicious content by opening documents in a container. Microsoft Cloud App Security offers protection to users ensuring that apps like Workday, Salesforce, and ServiceNow can be quickly adopted and safely managed.

It has also begun the roll-out of new security features for Microsoft Edge that includes a password generator and password monitor for managing data collection and privacy.

As we look to meet the challenges of the future, we'll continue to invest in a vibrant ecosystem of partners and in building a competitive and cooperative industry that makes us all better. And we are laser-focused on delivering simplicity in the face of complexity, so everything works, and our defender community is empowered to do more.
Vasu Jakkal
Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Security

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