New Release: The Microsoft Azure Purview Is Now Available on General Availability

News report detailing the announcement of the release of Azure purview on GA


Microsoft announced the release of their data governance tool Microsoft Azure Purview on General Availability (GA).

Customers no longer need to track data manually, using spreadsheets.
Customers no longer need to track data manually, using spreadsheets.
Key Facts
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    Azure Purview is now on General Availability.

  2. 2

    Data map, data catalog, and data governance are the three main features of the program.

  3. 3

    The service can integrate with other Microsoft services as well as some select services from other platforms.

  4. 4

    The service uses a pay-as-you-use pricing model.


Microsoft has released its data governance solution, Azure Purview, on the cloud. Users would have access to services associated with data governance. It can be used to provide solutions on app-based systems, on-premises systems, and cloud systems. This follows its initial preview release a year ago. The Azure Purview now supports 20 source types.

The organization has released this service to provide comprehensive data management and governance to enterprises on the Azure cloud. Customers no longer need to track data manually, using spreadsheets.

The major parts of the services offered by Azure Purview are data cataloging, data mapping, and data governance. Users have a one-stop solution to managing and cataloging all necessary data. The governance solution Azure Purview offers allows customers to check for security and compliance.

Users can apply the data catalog tool to search for specific data within their systems. The tool gives provision for the application of filters like glossary terms, labels, and classifications. This eliminates the need for manual searches that take time. The data mapping tool is used to provide metadata about the enterprise's data stored both in the cloud and on-premises.

The data governance feature allows users to monitor and ensure the correct use of data on their infrastructure. The tool gives users a detailed view of data and its distribution across production environments. Users can monitor data storage and data movement for critical data across their infrastructure.

Azure Purview can be integrated with other products offered by Microsoft. Products provided by other platforms, including Amazon web services' S3 storage service, Oracle database, e.t.c. Users have the option of interacting with the Azure purview via the Azure synapse studio when searching for assets.

Pricing for the Azure purview is a pay-as-you-use model. This is cost-effective as users with little workload needing little space do not have to pay a large sum. Users do not need to pay for extra services like scanning SQL servers and the PowerBI tenants.

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