New Work From Home Expansion From OpsRamp Network.

OpsRamp NetFlow Monitoring and OpsRamp Unified Communications Monitoring


In a recent press release, OpsRamp announced that in light of the new culture of working from home caused by pandemics, it is expanding its network and collaboration system monitoring to support IT Ops professionals whose companies have been affected.  The need to work remotely, especially for IT Ops it says, has highlighted a lot of exposure in company networks and it says this new expansion is a way to provide a solution.

The solution delivers real-time diagnosis of network latency across WAN links to identify “top talkers”
The solution delivers real-time diagnosis of network latency across WAN links to identify “top talkers”
Key Facts
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    Working remotely has increased the need for better network and system monitoring.

  2. 2

    Demand and sales for tools used in monitoring network performance skyrocketed in the year 2020.

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    The solution rolled out has the ability to do an in-depth analysis of network and communication traffic data.


The company noted that as of November 2020, a study they conducted showed that network performance monitoring and diagnostic tools were one of the most popular items purchased by IT teams in the year 2020. This data reflects the increase in the exposure of network vulnerability.

“Many midsize to large enterprises and MSPs operating hybrid IT environments struggle to understand the full picture of their network dependencies and vulnerabilities – a challenge exacerbated by the pandemic, which has increased the number of employees who are working remotely and using personal Internet connections. To reduce the risk of performance degradation and downtime due to remote work, IT Ops pros need to keep even closer tabs than usual on networks and systems.” The company said in their statement.

To curb this, the company has rolled out new measures on its AI-enabled IT operations management platform (AIOps) called OpsRamp Netflow monitoring and OpsRamp Unified Communications monitoring; which would be used in network traffic analysis and the detailed analysis of vice and collaboration data respectively.

“As work-from-home became the new normal in 2020, use of digital communications and collaboration systems exploded,” mentioned the Vice President of Product Management at OpsRamp Ciaran Byrne. “IT Operations teams need distinct capabilities for maintaining uptime and user productivity for the new suite of tools and network topologies running businesses today.”

The solution offered by the company is divided into two different categories which they added to their pre-existing AI-enabled platform (AIOps) instead of creating a separate platform.

The OpsRamp network monitoring solution allows IT Ops pros to do modeling and predictive analysis of flow data collected from servers and network devices. The solution delivers real-time diagnosis of network latency across WAN links to identify “top talkers” (source, destination, protocols, apps) impacting users and business services.

It provides IT Ops professionals a deep analysis of user communication (voice, SMS, video, chat) collected from UC systems such as Cisco and Avaya and cloud collaboration systems such as Zoom. IT Ops pros can view the real-time diagnosis of communications data to quickly identify issues affecting users and receive alerts based on service degradations. Users can generate a rich analysis of voice data for improved capacity planning, troubleshooting, and post-incident investigations.

OpsRamp can be considered one of the leaders in the world of digital operations. They operate on a SAAS platform which simplifies IT adoption of AIOps without having to build and maintain their own management platform or install an AIOps platform on their own infrastructure.

AIOps platforms have been growing in popularity especially because of the way it simplifies and accelerates the time used by IT professionals in operations management.

While moving to new platforms is a big step, it is predicted that AI platforms will help how IT communities are managed and reduce the cost of IT management.

"To help #ITOps teams ensure rapid delivery of services to users, OpsRamp is excited to roll out two new solutions today: OpsRamp NetFlow Monitoring and OpsRamp Unified Communications Monitoring." @DavidJRoth writes.

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