Pulumi Announces its Native Provider for Microsoft Azure


Pulumi announced the Pulumi-native provider for Microsoft Azure with 100% coverage of the cloud implementation and management service is offered by the Pulumi provider.

The Azure provider for Pulumi can be used to provision any of the cloud resources available in Azure via Azure Resource Manager (ARM).
The Azure provider for Pulumi can be used to provision any of the cloud resources available in Azure via Azure Resource Manager (ARM).
Key Facts
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    Microsoft Azure Pulumi-native provider offers 100% Azure Resource Manager (ARM) coverage, an Azure deployment and management service that allows users to build, upgrade and remove resources in their Azure accounts.

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    The new provider offers users same-day updates for enhancements and improvements to Azure APIs, including new ARM features and enables codification of provisioning, implementation, design, policy and testing using a wide range of common languages including TypeScript, C #, Python and Go.

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    At the first annual Cloud Engineering Summit, being held on October 7 and 8, the organization will share more about these capabilities and its future vision.

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    The company now supports more than 40 public, private and hybrid cloud providers, including AWS , Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean, Linode and Kubernetes, and support for a wide range of cloud architectures, including virtual servers, containers, serverless, hosted data and AI services.

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    The new Pulumi 'azurerm' provider, available in preview for all Pulumi languages, will coexist with the existing 'azure' provider.

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    Pulumi users will be able to choose and use one or both providers (azure and azurerm) within their applications. However, The 'azurerm' provider will be the default choice.


This new Azure provider is available now in NPM, PyPI, Nuget, Go Modules and at pulumi/pulumi-azure-nextgen Github repository. The documentation includes more than 1,000 resource examples. Pulumi released a tool to convert existing ARM templates to Pulumi programs and new Pulumi templates are available for the new azure-nextgen provider:

# TypeScript
pulumi new azure-nextgen-typescript

pulumi new azure-nextgen-python

pulumi new azure-nextgen-go

# C#
pulumi new azure-nextgen-csharp

Mikhail Shilkov announced that Pulumi software engineering team will release several capabilities to simplify the adoption of the new provider, in the coming weeks, including:

  • Command-line and web-based tools to convert Azure Resource Manager Templates to Pulumi programs in the language of your choice
  • A flow to import an existing Azure Resource Group and all its resources to your Pulumi project
  • A multi-language component resource to embed ARM Templates in Pulumi programs, including per-resource previews
  • Integrations with ARM Template generation tools like Project Bicep and Farmer
Cloud Engineers rely on Pulumi to manage their most important Azure infrastructure and our goal is to offer the absolute best experience for working with the entire Azure platform. Our new Azure provider is rearchitected from the ground up to be able to offer access to every resource in the Azure Resource Manager resource model, at high quality, on launch day. This sets a new bar for Infrastructure as Code providers for the Azure platform.
Joe Duffy
CEO at Pulumi

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