Research Dive Informative Predicts Outstanding DevOps Market Growth

The report provides insights on the DevOps Market up to 2027, detailing a revenue increase of over $23,362.8million and 22.9% CAGR.


Research Dive, on June 7, 2021 released a new report covering exclusive Covid-19 impact analysis report by Research Dive. The report covering a timeframe of 2020 to 2027 details projections of DevOps Market revenue exceeding $23,362.8 million from $4,461.2 million in 2019 in an upsurge of 22.9% CAGR.

As the business world is right now, DevOps technologies could be applied to every aspect.
As the business world is right now, DevOps technologies could be applied to every aspect.
Key Facts
  1. 1

    The major factor tailing these events is the Covid-19 pandemic.

  2. 2

    The major players emanate from the North American Regional market, which is predicted to brew the highest figures.

  3. 3

    The most profits are expected to be garnered in the Performance Management & Monitoring Sub-Segment.

  4. 4

    The cloud computing Sub-Segment is expected to yield the most revenues.


On the eve of 2020, there were lingering rumors of a deadly virus. Fast forwarded-2020, humanity was already struck with the damning reality of another pandemic. In a belated attempt to curtail the spread of these new strains, various industrial sectors suffered massive disruption – education, travel, oil and gas, retail, logistics, etc. the stay-at-home decree meant offices and schools had to stay closed in their search for extemporization. However, the bright spots in the coercive submission to digitalization were mainly in the DevOps market.

Businesses had to undergo digital transformation by embracing cloud computing and platforms that complimented digital operations. Furthermore, after recognizing the potentials of digitalization, many enterprises are looking to raise hurdles of their operations during the pandemic. This has and is spelling good tidings for the DevOps market due to increased demand for digital technology, augmenting market growth during the pandemic and beyond.

As the business world is right now, DevOps technologies could be applied to every aspect. And for most aspects, they are imperative. It could be communications between the manufacturing chain, DevOps technologies provide links between customers and businesses, IT operations, decreasing obstacles, etc. Hence, organizations' upsurge in the usage of DevOps technology would be consistent with the projected predictions over 2020 to 2027. The only deterrent to market growth is the installation costs, which are unsurprisingly high face resolution through machine learning and artificial intelligence; the sky is the beginning.

The deployment segment features cloud computing which is forecasted to raise the most revenues. Before the pandemic, the sub-segments market share figures were $2,944.2 million out of $4,461.2 million in 2019. The cloud market has several advantages, such as low deployment expenses across access to files regardless of location and time, minimal operational costs, and testing to leverage growth. These benefits are projected to improve the development of the sub-segment during that range of time.

Expected to amass the most profits is the performance management & monitoring sub-segment from the straits of the solution segment. From 2020 to 2027, the detailed profits during the immense upsurge are around $6, 410.3million

Most of the market growth is predicted to come from the North American Region. This is no surprise as this continent houses advanced countries and many major players, including AWS, Microsoft, IBM, Alphabet, etc.

The North American region is speculated to display maximum growth during the analyzed time frame. The presence of advanced countries such as the U.S.A, Canada, and the United States is a significant hub for evolving technologies, results in the adoption of DevOps by many organizations in the region. Furthermore, competitiveness in the region and growing software developers are leading to the installation of DevOps. These aspects are considered to boost the North American market during the analyzed time frame.

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