Rezilion Commits Series A Funding Income to Automate DevOps Security Tools

Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Chase, IBM, and other eminent names participated in the startup's Series A funding.


Rezilion Inc., on September 13, 2021, accrued $30 million in its Series A funding first round. The startup is committing the funds to the automation of DevOps security tools.

Rezilion boasts two products.
Rezilion boasts two products.
Key Facts
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    Rezilion's vision comes true for DevOps teams by automating manual security obstacles.

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    Existing rezilion customers on the vulnerability validation technology have mitigated patching backlogs by over 70%.

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    Big guns in the tech industry contributed to the funding round.


Dealing with malicious threats, endlessly rectifying misconfigurations, keeping up with the exponentially increasing techniques that threat actors come up with, security operatives have always had a lot to do. Personnel or not, they are undoubtedly stretched thin. Bittersweet as it may be, the coronavirus pandemic has intensified the case. With most of the world tracking the cyber lane, the SecOps field is now booming farmland, with opportunities for many. On the other hand, this would mean heightened activity for its villainous counterparts. Airtight code security is the undisputed priority nowadays.

DevOps is well invested in automated code development, giving way for a faster supply chain. Still, it has also meant that code delivery must be verified, secured, and patched more frequently to maintain airtight security. Risk management has also grown more complicated. As a result, many businesses must weigh the benefits of releasing improvements faster against putting apps at risk.

Due to the increasing DevOps activity, security inspection cannot keep up with code production, leaving a little space in the market for someone to intervene, and that’s where the Israeli startup, Rezilion comes in. Using machine learning rudiments, Rezilion can automate the vulnerability validation and patching process, eliminating the existence of manual security bottlenecks, reducing the amount of work DevOps security operators have to do for each code.

At Rezilion, we are deeply committed to helping organizations drive their innovation by reducing the resource drain, inaccuracies, and operational friction created by manual security work; we know there’s never been a better time for organizations to experience what we call ‘trust in motion,’ or the peace of mind that comes from moving fast while staying safe and, secure.
Liran Tancman
Co-founder and Chief Executive of Rezilion

Rezilion boasts two products. One that scans possibilities for customers - Rezilion Validate, and another which gives customers freedom in enforced environments - Rezilion Certify. These two products are combined on the platform to deliver easy automation for releases while eliminating time-consuming manual code examination.

According to the company, average feedback from customers who use the vulnerability validation technology claims they have reduced their patching backlogs by over 70%.

Rezilion is investing all the $30 million it has raised in the Series A funding for this solution. Guggenheim Investments led the funding. JVP and Kindred Capital also contributed to the Series A round. Microsoft Corp., Google LLC, IBM Corp.,

PayPal Inc., RSA Security LLC, Nasdaq, Symantec Inc., eBay Inc., Tenable Inc., CrowdStrike Holdings Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., IBM’s RedHat, and JP Morgan Chase also sent unnamed representatives.

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