Stackrox announces the release of KubeLinter


Stackrox, Inc., the California-based market leader in Kubernetes security recently announced the release of its open-source tool KubeLinter. KubeLinter is a static analysis tool that helps identify any misconfigurations in the Kubernetes deployment.

KubeLinter is open source and can be downloaded from Github
KubeLinter is open source and can be downloaded from Github
Key Facts
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    KubeLinter offers the automated analysis of Kubernetes YAML files and HELM charts before deployment.

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    KubeLinter integrates security-as-a-code in DevOps and other related processes. It helps ensure that the Kubernetes configuration is correct and the automatic enforcement of security policies for Kubernetes applications.

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    As per Stackrox reports, 67% of all Kubernetes misconfigurations happen due to human error.

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    With KubeLinter, users can build security in the configuration as code in the application development process itself. It helps validate that the Kubernetes configuration is according to the security best practices.
    KubeLinter users can integrate this tool to automate the process of carrying out configuration checks and errors identification.

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    KubeLinter is available for download at GitHub.


Stackrox’s new static analysis tool KubeLinter fulfills the need for a security tool that identifies misconfigurations before the deployment of a Kubernetes cluster. KubeLinter has been written in the Go programming language and accomplishes the security needs in a single binary file that developers can run in a command line.

KubeLinter offers an automated way to carry out Kubernetes configuration checks as part of continuous integration (CI) workflow. It makes it easier to track how changes are proposed and made to YAML files and Helm charts.

The importance of security in Kubernetes deployments has led more companies to build tools to enhance security and reduce the occurrence of security incidents at runtime. Some other tools similar to KubeLinter are:

  • Kubeval: It is used for the validation of single or multiple Kubernetes configuration files. It may be used locally as part of the development workflow or in CI pipelines.
  • Kube-score: It performs static code analysis of Kubernetes object definitions and provides a list of recommendations to make your application more resilient and secure.
  • Config-lint: It is a command-line tool that uses YAML-specified rules to validate configuration files.
  • Copper: Copper validates your configuration files and helps apply policies and best practices to your Kubernetes configurations.
  • Conftest: It helps you write tests against structured configuration data.
  • Polaris: Polaris runs a litany of tests to ensure that the configuration of Kubernetes pods and controllers is done using best practices.

Stackrox also plans to add auto-remediation capabilities to Kubelinter in the future.

We developed KubeLinter to provide the Kubernetes community with a better, more automated way to identify misconfigurations and deviations from best practices that limit organizations from realizing the full potential of cloud-native applications.
Ali Golshan
Co-founder and CTO, StackRox

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