Timestream, the new AWS Database, is now Generally Available

Oct. 5, 2020, 2:53 p.m. in Cloud Computing


Amazon announces the general availability for Timestream, a new time series database for IoT, edge, and operational applications.

Amazon Timestream is available today in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), and EU (Ireland), with availability in additional regions in the coming months.
Amazon Timestream is available today in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), and EU (Ireland), with availability in additional regions in the coming months.
Key Facts
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    To retrieve Time Series data, it is necessary to always send queries on a time interval. Old relational databases are not optimized for this use case.

  2. 2

    According to AWS, the new time series database, Amazon Timestream, can scale to process trillions of time series events per day up to 1,000 times faster than relational databases, and at as low as 1/10th the cost.

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    Amazon Timestream uses the SQL language.

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    By holding recent data in memory and transferring historical data to a cost-optimized storage tier based on user-defined policies, Amazon Timestream saves users effort and expense.


A time series database (TSDB) is a software system that is optimized for storing and serving time series through associated pairs of time(s) and value(s).

Amazon is expanding its offerings to time series databases which is neither a new technology nor a new market. Nevertheless, this sector has experienced a surprising development and adoption over the last 5 years.

With this new offer, AWS faces some competitors in the same sector, some of them are well known open source technologies such as Prometheus, Timescale, and InfluxDB, others are specialized vendors such as Crate.io. The latter publishes CrateDB, an SQL database for industrial IoT adapted to the real-time management of time series.

In addition, other cloud providers such as Microsoft have also entered this niche with Azure Time Series Insights, presented as an end-to-end IoT analytics platform for monitoring, analyzing, and visualizing industrial IoT data on a large scale. Alibaba Cloud also has an offering featuring its Time Series Database.

According to DB-Engines, this the top 10 most popular time series databases:

  1. InfluxDB
  2. Kdb+
  3. Prometheus
  4. Graphite
  5. RRDtool
  6. TimescaleDB
  7. Apache Druid
  8. OpenTSDB
  9. FaunaDB
  10. GridDB

According to AWS, there are 3 main use cases:

IoT: Timestream enables quick analysis of time series data generated by IoT applications using built-in analytic functions such as smoothing, approximation, and interpolation.

DevOps: The managed TSDB is ideal for DevOps solutions that monitor health and usage metrics and analyze data in real-time to improve performance and availability (CPU/memory utilization, network data, and IOPS)

Analytics: Amazon Timestream enables developers to store and analyze data at scale (e.g., clickstream data, path-to-purchase, and shopping cart abandonment rate for e-commerce website..etc).

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