Trilio Introduces Anti-Ransomware Functions in Its Kubernetes Backup System

TrilioVault for Kubernetes 2.5 is built to thwart ransomware attacks with application-level immutability and encryption to facilitate Kubernetes backup data recovery.


Trilio Data Inc., on September 15, 2021, announced the new version of its anti-ransomware suite, TrilioVault for Kubernetes.

These events have prompted many interventions, but the malicious actors always find a way for evolution.
These events have prompted many interventions, but the malicious actors always find a way for evolution.
Key Facts
  1. 1

    TrilioVault for Kubernetes v2.5 is aligned with the standards of the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE)

  2. 2

    The immutability feature locks data at the application level, not at the storage level.

  3. 3

    The new encryption feature lets customers encrypt data specifically.

  4. 4

    TrilioVault for Kubernetes v2.5 also incorporates a new multi-namespace backup feature.

  5. 5

    The platform now supports several cloud storage systems.


Ransomware attacks have been on many headlines of late, and the ingenuity of these actors has been painfully acknowledged. Backdating to September 2020, Veamm predicted a record spate of ransomware attacks in 2021 - bearing 11 seconds per organization. This prediction has been in fruition on small and large scales to date.

These events have prompted many interventions, but the malicious actors always find a way for evolution. The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), on August 3, 2021, released a technical report on Kubernetes Hardening, and now Trilio has introduced a ransomware protection suite in its flagship software, TrilioVault. CNA Financial, CapCom, ADATA, and Dassault Falcon, and many others would wish TrilioVault for Kubernetes v2.5 had come sooner.

The software focuses mainly on backup and recovery. The anti-ransomware vault features as the biggest highlight in this update. Technically, TrilioVault for Kubernetes v2.5 is a platform designed to thwart backup data compromise. It holds the ability to prevent backup modification or elimination for a set period and encryption to prevent backups from being read. This is the immutability feature. It locks data at the application level, not the storage level. It also lets users define the capacity at which they want to stroke data. Users can filter and lock specific data grains instead of the entire bucket. This would save a lot of space, so customers do not waste storage keeping unnecessary data.

Criminals generally compromise backups for cloud-native applications through two entry points: the software managing the backup and the storage media where the backups are stored. Therefore, ransomware can't be defeated by a single feature or product. The updates to TrilioVault for Kubernetes focus on cutting off one of those two points of entry.
Prashanto Kochavara
Director of Kubernetes products at Trilio

Using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Trilio for Kubernetes v2.5 is aligned with the standards of the best practices listed in the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence's Data Integrity projects. All Trilio for Kubernetes ransomware security features will follow the guidance in the rulebook. As stated: Identify and Protect, Detect and Mitigate, and Recover.

Trilio also introduced several support features to TrilioVault for Kubernetes v2.5. As backup destinations and OIDC, LDAP, and cloud authentication providers, the product now supports Azure Blob Storage and Google Cloud Platform Object Storage. This update also included a multi-namespace backup functionality, allowing users to combine multiple namespaces into a single backup for simpler management.

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