Vitess 10 Made Generally Available

Compatibility is the main focus, as the maintainers determine to improve the MySQL ecosystem's critical component.


Vitess, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation graduated project on April 27, 2021, announced the general availability of Vitess 10 into the MySQL ecosystem. Compatibility, being highlighted as the most critical component of the clustering system, is under the microscope for this upgrade.

Heading into 2021, Vitess has strived to create automated sequences running a popular database framework
Heading into 2021, Vitess has strived to create automated sequences running a popular database framework
Key Facts
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    Set of new commands are included in the new version of Vitess to enhance cluster creation and interaction.

  2. 2

    The Inclusion of improved SQL Syntax and other features allows the completion of migrations on Vitess 10.

  3. 3

    A preview-only multi-cluster admin API and web UI called VTAdmin have been introduced in the new version.

  4. 4

    There is an Improved performance monitoring and benchmarking techniques.


Innovation never ends! That’s why Vitess, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation graduated project which identifies as a "database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL'' will now have its maintainers thinking and planning a Vitess 11 after generally announcing Vitess 10, which comes with a load of improvements, answers, and questions, just lately. Maintainers worked round the clock pre-release to deliver a project that majorly improves one aspect - Compatibility, the most critical component of the database clustering system.

After investing over a year and counting in making sure Vitess can pose as a drop-in replacement for MySQL, significant results have sprouted on every area of Vitess – from the appearance of TCP packets to query planning.

Heading into 2021, Vitess has strived to create automated sequences running a popular database framework. The simulations highlighted many limitations and obstacles users would have faced when integrating Vitess with the framework. These have been fixed according to Alkin Tezuysal, Vitess maintainer and Senior Technical Manager at PlanetScale. This means that Vitess version 10.0 has seen and conquered every automated end-to-end test and is ready to be operated on the Rails framework. However, this does not mean users of other frameworks would not stand as beneficiaries of these improvements.

The team is devoted to testing for other frameworks, making additions, and removing limitations. The differences between MySQL and Vitess have been highlighted for disposal, making sure Vitess qualifies as a database wherever MySQL is being adopted.

Speaking of other improvements, data migration from existing systems into Vitess has been made easier with the Freno-style throttling to VReplication workflows. According to the Vitess team, both the target and the source could be throttled based on the replication lag of corresponding shards.

Mount and Migrate commands, which are new additions too, grant users cluster data interaction ability.

Inherent of the new version is the improved SQL Syntax and Revertible Online DDL providing an online revert capability for migration completion with room for no losses. Looking at declarative outline changes, and automation that decides and repairs schema compatibility has been implemented. The performance monitoring plans in this release features the implementation of a new cache for query plans. This employs a rarely used eviction algorithm for constant resilience against pollution.

Introduced in this version is a multi-cluster admin API and web UI still under development and testing, VTAdmin. It is preview-only, and the Vitess team is willing to welcome testing and feedback from impending users who are required to have the new grpc-vtctl service to run the Vtcltd server API.

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