VMware Adds Mesh 7 to its Portfolio to Bolster App Security

Mesh7 and VMware jointly striving for stronger and better security


Mesh7 is bound to be the latest acquisition of VMware. The secure API gateway for modern applications augments the VMware Tanzu Kubernetes system through secure API development layers.

Mesh7, in a congested market of service meshes and API gateways, makes an exception by focusing on the network security at layer 7
Mesh7, in a congested market of service meshes and API gateways, makes an exception by focusing on the network security at layer 7
Key Facts
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    VMware incorporates a unique platform (Mesh7) that powers machine learning and AI delivering platform-based, with vastly telemetry modeling engines built for microservices.

  2. 2

    VMware aims to develop highly improved application connectivity plans for modern Cloud-native platforms.

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    Mesh7's auto mechanism approach at the API layer enables indefectible complicity across the operation, development, and security teams.


Mesh7, a prospective startup based in Sunnyvale, Bay Area. The founders are Amit Jain and Pratik Roychowdhury. They made Mesh7 into a stereotypical API gateway that preserves microservices running in virtual machines and Kubernetes. The financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed.

Mesh7 comes with a cloud-native application enhancement security solution for allocated and cloud native applications by incorporating deep Layer 7 insights into the cloud host and reputation data to deliver a comprehensive and insurmountable blind spot detection and protection panacea available today.

Mesh7 emphasizes on security processes of cases, with the possibility of enabling real-time analytics alongside intelligence integrations and SIEM. Like Istio advanced mesh - supported by significant players in the cloud-native space like Google and IBM - and Kong Mesh, the Mesh7 solution is Envoy-based, though contemporarily service-oriented, open-source Layer 7 proxy. The Envoy is a fundamental component of VMware's Tanzu service mesh, providing security and connectivity for microservices and applications across Kubernetes clouds and clusters.

The first set of Mesh7 investors are March Capital, The Fabric, Juniper Networks, and Splunk. Mesh 7 reported the service mesh delivered "breakthrough application enhancement security structure," including auto-discovery and outlining of services and host operations, API (Application Programming Interface) payload and schema, intelligent data-based deep forensics, and concurrence across system traffic.

The deal is in tandem with VMware's Tanzu Service mesh, which is in charge of communication across myriads of application components, measures performance, implements security policy, among other critical functions, regardless of the pre-existing infrastructure.

Mesh7, in a congested market of service meshes and API gateways, makes an exception by focusing on the network security at layer 7, which is liable for the inbound and outbound traffic connected with the pre-existing microservices.

VMware and Mesh7 aim to join forces to enhance CIOs and CISOs with improved visibility into Cloud application security, container orchestration, and IT microservices that require improved services to combat data breach concerns and cyber threats affecting cloud-native and distributed platforms.

VMware has reported increasing demand for an entirely integrated API with service mesh project with Envoy as the foundation; While Tanzu service Mesh controls communication between thousands of application components.

VMware is going all out in securing cloud orchestration applications and using microservices to develop them.

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