AIOps Tools: Moogsoft vs BigPanda

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AIOps Tools: Moogsoft vs BigPanda

Both Moogsoft and BigPanda are awesome Constant Monitoring AIOps tools that use artificial intelligence to provide insights into the application infrastructure and prevent and solve service outages.

They both offer a range of different features which we hope you’ve understood a few of them from this article, to make an informed decision on which of them is ideal for you.

    As technology evolves, modern applications and their infrastructures are getting more complex, dynamic and are required to be much faster. With this complexity, it gets more difficult and tasking for operation teams to maintain zero downtime in the constantly changing environment.

    IT solutions providers began looking out to solve this by adopting new technologies such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to address these IT operations problems.

    This practice of using artificial intelligence in IT operations was then named “AIOps” by Gartner in 2017.

    AIOps, which stands for “Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations” or “Algorithmic Operations,” uses Big Data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics to improve the application workflow and provide easy-to-understand, in-depth analysis of the application for DevOps teams to take necessary actions to ensure uninterrupted application uptime easily.

    Different companies adopt AIOps to solve different IT Ops problems, responsible for the numerous AIOps tools with each differing from the other with their area of focus.

    Several AIOps tools and platforms use artificial intelligence to handle real-time application monitoring, management, data correlation, and detection of anomalies in the application infrastructure environment.

    Moogsoft and BigPanda are big players in the AIOps tools industry with integration with major DevOps platforms. While both platforms are quite similar AIOps tools, they differ in various perspectives, some of which we’ll look at in this article.

    What is Moogsoft


    Besides being an open-source AIOps tool, Moogsoft is an easy-to-use continuous integration platform that integrates with major cloud providers.

    Moogsoft is a leading AIOps solutions provider that automates workflows and reduces noise, thereby helping IT teams work smarter and faster. It uses machine learning algorithms to monitor the application infrastructure, find patterns, analyze, and alert the IT teams when there are anomalies in the system.

    IT operation teams can easily analyze the alerts, logs, and metrics provided by Moogsoft to quickly find the root cause of incidents and reduce application downtime.

    What is BigPanda


    Using artificial intelligence (AI), BigPanda provides automation and correlation of events to help operations teams easily detect, analyze and resolve IT incidents.

    It’s an incident management tool that offers constant monitoring, incident alerts, and lifecycle visualization of your infrastructure.

    BigPanda’s alert aggregation and correlation platform also help streamline incident management, enabling operation teams to be more agile and efficient.

    Moogsoft vs BigPanda


    One big advantage Moogsoft has over the majority of other AI-driven incident management is its intuitive user interface. With different colors to distinguish between alerts based on their criticality and an easily navigable user interface, Moogsoft makes monitoring really easy.

    BigPanda basically uses a pure code environment which is relatively not easy to navigate for beginners. Moogsoft user interface seems to take its steps ahead of its competition in that aspect.

    BigPanda helps businesses to streamline and improve the incident management process by correlating and aggregating all alerts into a single, simple user interface.

    While Moogsoft offers a more comprehensive IP failure correlation to help track critical incidents, its alerts are sometimes clustered based on topology, making it uneasy to solve the issue.

    Based on primary use cases, BigPanda is a great AIOps tool for aggregating alerts from multiple sources and correlating related alerts into incidents. It creates an automatic incident management process that takes the burden off operation teams.

    Moogsoft integration automatically syncs worknotes and status between incidents in real-time. It also offers tight integration with ticketing systems like ServiceNow.

    BigPanda integrates extensively outbound with systems like JIRA, Slack, and various other major platforms that make ticketing easier than in Moogsoft.

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