AWS Announces AWS Amplify Studio

Amazon took the game up a notch for low-code platforms with AWS Amplify Studio.


On the 2nd of December, at AWS re: Invent, Amazon announced the launch of AWS Amplify studio. A visual development tool for developers to easily and speedily build complex applications with a chance of customizing to the desired taste.

Amplify Studio also enables developers to collaborate with UX designers by integrating Figma with Amplify Studio.
Amplify Studio also enables developers to collaborate with UX designers by integrating Figma with Amplify Studio.
Key Facts
  1. 1

    AWS Amplify studio comes with a library of prebuilt UI components

  2. 2

    AWS Amplify Studio extends the benefits of AWS Amplify

  3. 3

    Developers can edit the application’s design and behavior with AWS Amplify Studio

  4. 4

    AWS Amplify helps developers with speed and desirable customization


AWS Amplify studio is a visual development environment launched to preview by AWS at AWS re: Invent, to help developers in customizing their application UI to taste. With the library of prebuilt components that come with AWS Amplify Studio, developers can incorporate data from AWS services into their UI. Amplify Studio also enables developers to collaborate with UX designers by integrating Figma with Amplify Studio.

AWS Amplify Studio is an upgrade to the no-code/low-code application development.

After successfully designing the app UI, AWS Amplify Studio converts it to familiar editable codes, which are TypeScript and JavaScript, to enable developers to edit their design extensively.

AWS Amplify Studio incorporates all AWS Amplify features of the easy building of full-stack applications on AWS and allows expanding AWS service usage as your requirements grow. AWS Amplify Studio enables developers to use a simple point-and-click visual interface to create their backend, while AWS Amplify provisions all the needed services for the backend.

We used AWS Amplify to develop QsrSoft TV, a new digital huddle board to help our customers improve employee engagement through gamification, real-time communication, and employee recognition programs because it allowed us to create our application quickly, get to market faster, and take advantage of the performance and scalability of a fully serverless application stack. By using AWS Amplify Studio’s prebuilt library of components and intuitive visual interface, we will be able to accelerate our development timelines, add additional value, and deliver new capabilities to our customers. AWS Amplify Studio will help us boost awareness, motivate our customers’ employees, and achieve operational excellence.
Adam Pehas
Director of development at QsrSoft

AWS Amplify Studio became available in preview on the 2nd of December in some countries in the US East, US West, Asia Pacific, Canada, the EU, the Middle East, and South America, with availability in additional AWS Regions coming soon.

Developers love using AWS Amplify because it makes it easier to build a scalable web application backend powered by AWS, and they often tell us that they wish that we could extend that same fast, flexible development experience to the UI creation process. AWS Amplify Studio is a game-changer for developers because it allows them to rapidly iterate on their UI using prebuilt components and then fully customize the UI with familiar programming languages to meet their exact needs. From setting up a robust backend powered by AWS to creating a dynamic UI, AWS Amplify now provides an intuitive, end-to-end workflow to build web applications in days instead of weeks, so developers can deliver new innovations to end-users faster.
Kurt Kufeld
VP of AWS Platform at AWS

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