AWS Unveils The New ML-Powered Amazon DevOps Guru


At the recent AWS: re-Invent, Amazon Web Services, Inc. announced the new Amazon DevOps Guru. The Amazon DevOps Guru is a machine learning-powered service that simplifies and improves the operational performance and availability of an application and also minimizes costly downtime. It also does not need users to have any machine learning expertise.

DevOps Guru also eliminates the need for multiple monitoring tools and alarms
DevOps Guru also eliminates the need for multiple monitoring tools and alarms
Key Facts
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    Amazon DevOps Guru uses machine learning models to identify anomalous application behavior. It quickly detects behaviors like rising latency, error rates, resource constraints, and other critical issues that may cause outages or service disruptions.

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    You can enable Amazon DevOps Guru in your AWS Management Console in just a few clicks. It gives you an onboarding wizard that helps you swiftly configure the analysis coverage for your AWS resource.

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    You can choose specific AWS CloudFormation stacks for DevOps Guru to analyze, or you could use it to analyze your entire AWS account. DevOps Guru will analyze the operational data for all supported AWS resources in the coverage boundary you choose.

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    Amazon DevOps Guru can use data from Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Config, AWS System Manager Ops Center, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS X-Ray. It can also be integrated with monitoring and incident management solutions like Atlassian OpsGenie and Pager Duty.


Amazon DevOps Guru can help you save both time and effort by automatically detecting, debugging, and resolving operational issues. It helps you monitor complex and evolving applications more effectively. With DevOps Guru, you can prevent oversight and common errors like missing alarms, which can potentially cause application downtimes.

DevOps Guru uses a pre-trained machine learning model to identify deviations from the established baseline. When it identifies anomalous application behavior like increased latency, error rates, or resource constraints that may cause potential outages or service disruptions, it alerts operators with issue details like the resources involved, the issue timeline, and other related events.

DevOps Guru also eliminates the need for multiple monitoring tools and alarms. It helps surface the most critical alerts so that IT operators can immediately work on the root causes and remediation.

With DevOps Guru, you only pay for what you consume. There is no minimum fee or upfront commitment. Your bill will have two components- charges for AWS resource analysis and DevOps Guru API calls charges.

AIOps is the application of data science and machine learning to IT operations for better efficiency. AIOps breaks down data silos, eliminates IT operational noise, overcomes monitoring and analytics challenges, and delivers a seamless customer experience. AIOps indeed is the future of IT operations.

With Amazon DevOps Guru, we have taken our experience and built specialised machine learning models that help customers detect, troubleshoot, and prevent operational issues while providing intelligent recommendations when issues do arise.
Swami Sivasubramanian
Vice President of Amazon Machine Learning at AWS

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