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KubeSphere 3.2.0 Released to GA

Significant updates and additional features made to KubeSphere 3.2.0


KubeSphere has released a new version of its cloud native tool to improve developer experience with the newly added features and improved ones.

They also improved its alert and logging by allowing communication through HTTPS.
They also improved its alert and logging by allowing communication through HTTPS.
Key Facts
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    There are enhanced features to further perfect the interactive design for better user experience, Like multi-cluster management, multi-tenant management, observability, DevOps, app store, and service mesh.

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    The new version has GPU resource scheduling and management, and GPU usage monitoring further improves user experience in cloud-native AI scenarios.

  3. 3

    Kubespehere 3.2.0 is compatible with Nvidia and vGPU solutions


The new version of KubeSphere released into general availability addressed the pain of KubeSphere users by adding GPU scheduling and quota management. With the rapid growth in artificial intelligence and machine learning, the need for GPU resource scheduling and management for server clusters also increased. With the new version released, users can create GPU workloads on the GUI, schedule GPU resources, and manage GPU resources quotas by tenants. KubeSphere made improvements on features in the 3.1.0 version, and they enhanced the custom monitoring tools.

The KubeSphere 3.1.0 added a feature that makes cluster-level monitoring more accessible by generating custom Kubernetes dashboards from a default template, uploading a template or customizing a template, while KubeSphere 3.2.0 came with having a default template for Grafana monitoring Dashboard. They also improved its alert and logging by allowing communication through HTTPS. CNCF Survey 2020 shows that over 80% of users run more than two Kubernetes clusters in their production environment. KubeSphere addressed the issue of multi-cluster by providing a unified control plane and supporting application distribution and replicas to multiple kubernetes clusters deployed. The new KubeSphere version also performs better in cross-clustering.

KubeSphere also made a series of updates to its storage management and its cluster gateway. KubeSphere 3.2.0 got improvements to have a cluster gateway, unlike KubeSphere 3.1.0 that supports only project gateways. With the new version, all projects can now share the same gateway.

KubeSphere 3.2.0 supports AD/LDAP and OAuth 2.0 identity authentication system and also provides a built-in OpenID authentication service to give authentication capability to other components.

The new version has added a new feature of dynamically loading community-developed Helm charts to the KubeSphere App Store.

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save up to $754 USD (2).png

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