McAfee Partners With IBM Security to Deliver TD Synnex Security Solution

The MVISION platform and Security wing of IBM's partnership endgame are to extend increased protection throughout TD SYNNEX's global map.


On September 21, 2021, McAfee Corp announced it is partnering with global IT corporation IBM Security workforce to provide a security solution for TD SYNNEX global operations.

It is integrated with a multi-IT solution network, MVISION, so both parties are complementary beneficiaries.
It is integrated with a multi-IT solution network, MVISION, so both parties are complementary beneficiaries.
Key Facts
  1. 1

    TD SYNNEX was only birthed in early September 2021.

  2. 2

    TD SYNNEX outreach is planned to extend to over 100 countries around the world.

  3. 3

    The security solution emanates from integrations between MVISION and QRadar.

  4. 4

    Rather than an acquisition, it is a collaborative effort between two organizations in the TD SYNNEX cyber range to enhance integrated user experience for their products.


Just three weeks after an ambiguous merger between renowned IT distribution organizations SYNNEX Corp, and Tech Data, the resultant Enterprise is already on the list of many looking for state-of-the-art cloud cybersecurity, big data/analytics, IoT, mobility, and Software as a Service application. This would be outlandish if SYNNEX and Tech Data were not big corporations in their rights before the collaboration.

Now, TD SYNNEX is a headline subject owing to two of its most eminent clients, McAfee and IBM. The duo has partnered to create a security solution for their customers globally. The TD SYNNEX security solution, can be accessed through TD SYNNEX's IT distribution channels and is engineered to enhance integrations between McAfee Enterprise MVISION and IBM Security QRadar products. Of all IT vendors in the TD SYNNEX Cyber Range, the duo is the first to come upon a virtual intervention to ready security professionals against incoming threats as quickly as lightning.

Perennially prioritized security innovations and additional protection are what the global IT sector needs, considering that it has welcomed almost double its previous populace due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Additional safeguards are necessary to protect the remote workforce from the expanding variety of cloud and endpoint threats. IBM has been making strides to emulate its first-quarter efficiency in this 3rd quarter. After delivering IBM Cloud Pak and the misconfigured API invulnerability survey reports, IBM is picking up on the aforementioned, although not alone.

QRadar stands as the security stronghold in this new solution. It operates as a watchtower, detective, and firewall, detecting, investigating, and dealing with threats. It is integrated with a multi-IT solution network, MVISION, so both parties are complementary beneficiaries.

All businesses deserve vendor-agnostic security to protect their data, no matter where it lives across the IT environment.

We cultivate relationships with industry leaders like IBM and TD SYNNEX to ensure we’re providing cutting-edge security for our customers and developing important offerings for our distribution partners.
Kathleen Curry
Senior Vice President of Global Enterprise Channels for McAfee Enterprise.

TD SYNNEX customers also stand to benefit from the collaborative effort in four crucial instances. Enhanced visibility to spot threats through QRadar in a very reliable security setup; control, quick identification, and analysis to respond while following operational protocol; investigation, simplicity, remediation; modern approach to threat structure, granular breakdown to comprehend outcomes and proffer remedy.

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