launches a free version of Kubernetes storage solution

TL;DR, the market leader in Kubernetes storage solutions, has announced enhancements to its Robin Cloud Native Storage for Kubernetes. The new full-featured version called Robin Express would be available free for life. Robin Express offers unlimited node and storage capacity, a per-node per hour consumption-based pricing, and 24*7 customer support.

Robin Cloud Native Storage is a custom-built, container-based storage solution that gives Kubernetes advanced data management capabilities.
Robin Cloud Native Storage is a custom-built, container-based storage solution that gives Kubernetes advanced data management capabilities.
Key Facts
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    Robin Cloud Native Storage is a storage solution for container apps that gives advanced data management capabilities to Kubernetes. It seamlessly integrates with Kubernetes-based administrative tools like KubectI, Helm Charts, and Operators through standard APIs.

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    The California-based startup launched the Robin Cloud Native Storage in 2018 to tackle the most common problems of Kubernetes- databases, networking, storage, and data management.

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    Robin Cloud Native Storage works on any cloud with any workload on any Kubernetes-native platform.

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    The new version features data management for Helm Charts and Data locality for performance-sensitive workloads.

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    Affinity and anti-affinity policies are also included in the new version to support the availability of stateful apps that are dependent on big data platforms and distributed databases.


Storage management in Kubernetes is not an easy task and developers have to consistently worry about how persistent storage is working. Also, the ephemeral structure of Kubernetes makes it less ideal for deploying stateful volumes.

Scaling up the persistent storage component of Kubernetes is another challenge that developers face. The stateless and dynamic nature of Kubernetes workloads is another challenge when determining who to grant access privileges in apps running on Kubernetes. One of the primary security concerns of Kubernetes is maintaining access control and authorization privileges so that only relevant containers and services can access sensitive data.

To overcome these challenges, more companies are coming up with Kubernetes storage solutions like and Ionir. Ionir allows its customers to create a transparent data layer and a collection of data workflows independent of cloud or infrastructure to remove storage and data management complexities.

Robin Cloud Native Storage is a custom-built, container-based storage solution that gives Kubernetes advanced data management capabilities. It is a CSI-compliant storage solution offering bare-metal storage performance with high availability.

In launching the Express edition of Robin Cloud Native Storage, we’re doing something truly novel: we’re delivering all the features of our product in our free offering, for life.
Partha Seetala
Founder and CEO,

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