Security: Google's Work Safer Program Makes a Debut

News report detailing the announcement of the release of Google Work Safer.


Google announces the release of the Google Work Safer program, which comes with options targeted at improving security for smaller-scale businesses.

Google noted that Zero trust technology was essential to improving security for legacy apps
Google noted that Zero trust technology was essential to improving security for legacy apps
Key Facts
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    Google announced the release of Google Work Safer and Google's security action team.

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    The program combines the services of Google workspaces and the Zero trust security technology.

  3. 3

    Data protection and threat detection services are also provided as security possibilities.

  4. 4

    Security improvements were made to collaboration tools.


Google LLC has released a new program aimed at helping small-scale organizations handle security risks. The program, Google Work Safer,  was announced at the Cloud Next '21 event. The program is marketed towards smaller organizations that do not have robust security options and struggle with security risks related to having their employees work from home.

Companies can access services that secure emails, meetings, documents, and messages. Google Work Safer incorporates the services in Google workspace with BeyondCorp enterprise services to improve the security of applications.

In reference to data released by Accenture security indicating an increase in cyberattacks during the first half of the year, Google noted that Zero trust technology was essential to improving security for legacy apps.

The Zero trust technology is a technology that ensures authentication and constant verification is done by all persons interacting with an organization's network. Users inside and outside the network are continuously verified and authenticated whenever they need to access data and applications within the said network.

During the event, the structure of legacy tools concerning technology trends was discussed. The general manager of cloud security at Google noted that legacy productivity tools built in the previous era don't fit the necessary infrastructures needed to deal with the highly distributed nature of technology in current reality.

He further pointed out that Google Work Safer was designed to provide solutions by providing extra services in addition to the zero trust services, e.g., threat detection and data protection. The Palo Alto Networks Inc and CrowdStrike Holdings Inc would provide the threat detection service for Work Safer. At the same time, data protection is offered in hardware as Pixel smartphones and HP Chromebooks that the associated enterprises would manage.

Further additions include the titan security keys, which organizations can employ to protect the account of their employees. Chronicle, the security analytics tool, is also a part of the package coming with Work Safer. Some security changes were also made to collaboration tools like the Google Meet. Encryption for the client-side now gives customers control of encryption keys and the associated identity service.

In the course of the event, Cloud Chief Executive Thomas Kurian addressed the issues of the increased number of cyberattacks. He noted that all C-Level organizations should be better invested in a security, rising to higher levels. He further announced the creation of the Google security action team, noting that this was in line with Google's efforts and ensuring all of its customers had improved security.

The security team would provide support for enterprises digitally. The team is made up of security experts and would help customers manage security relating to critical infrastructure. The team would provide advice centered around security strategy, compliance, and trust services to interested organizations.

Threat intelligence, threat briefings, drills, and incident support would also be provided by the team as well.

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